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Model from: ve

Languages: es,en

Birth Date: 1995-10-20

Body Type: bodyTypeCurvy

Ethnicity: ethnicityLatino

Hair color: hairColorColorful

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Subculture: subcultureStudent

5 thoughts on “bubblebabybuttlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. You don’t stay in a relationship with someone that constantly lies to you and chases women behind your back. Marriage and family should be out of the question with this guy. Get therapy and get some self-esteem. It’s bad when the the random person he’s reaching out to you to cheat with feels sorry for you and cares more about you than he does for you.

  2. Did you two agree on any boundaries?

    “she’s the one not respecting my boundary” – so what you will do about that?

    You used blame shifting on her here. You two need to compromise if you feel that her boundaries are not reasonable break up.. stop trying to make excuses!

  3. You shouldn’t have to trample on your own feelings and boundaries because your husband is bi. Your feelings matter. He can be bi and not cheat on you emotionally or physically. He doesn’t NEED to do anything. If he needs to then he needs to leave the marriage.

  4. Like a lot of other people have already said, you broke his trust and violated him. You should have told him his mom reached out to you and talked about it with your fiancée. So to help him you need to own up to your shit. Coming from someone who cut their parents off, we don’t want them (the cut off parents) to know anything about us INCLUDING where we live!. I would have felt gutted if my partner did this to me—it would honestly have felt like you just inflicted all the old trauma back again. Sorry to say but your no better than the mom he cut out and I would have moved out that day.


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