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12 thoughts on “BusenBabsyXlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. My husband fidgets while sleeping, and it wakes me up because each fidget tugs the blanket, which wakes me up.

    We went to Germany over the summer and had a king bed, but we each had our own blanket. He was able to fidget to his hearts content, and it didn't wake me up or bother me at all. So now I sleep with my own blanket. I wonder if this could help you guys too.

  2. Either don't be his friend or get over it and leave him alone about it. What else can you possibly do?

    You can't tell him how to live his life. That's up to him, you shouldn't worry so much about it if he's just some guy.

  3. He sounds super defensive…he might be cheating and is just projecting it onto you. As a fellow woman with woman friends, that's really not a weird thing to do. My friends and I will get dressed around each other and stuff; nudity is not inherently sexual, especially among friends

  4. The only way I'd be 19 again, is to go back with the knowledge I have now. Boy would things turn out soooo differently.

  5. I appreciate you! Aromantic is just like… a romantic orientation that you can have. Just because OP's handling a situation poorly doesn't mean the entire identity is just an excuse to use people for sex? What an awful thing to say!

    I'm aroace myself so I don't like, date at all anymore. I do think it's important to be honest about who you are and what people can expect, and if you're not compatible, that's that. That's where OP went wrong. Not in like, identifying as aro.

  6. “He doesn't know” means that he doesn't know what to say to make this not be a problem for you. He's caught cheating and has no escape route. Just leave him, he has cheated on you or at least tried to cheat on you, and can't even have an honest discussion with you about and instead resorts to gaslighting.

  7. If it was true that all women so far had always rejected me, would saying that (and how gross and pathetic that would make me feel) be whiny?

  8. Thank you for your advice. I am sorry for being unclear about one thing : what he meant by that he cannot do anything about it was rather about his PE problem than his oral sex skills.

    He tries to accomodate my wishes and needs regarding oral sex and other kinds of foreplay but I simply do not find it that great. The only option we have(I think) is for me to let him practice it on me (which is what I've done for the past 5 years, and yes,I gave him feedbacks during and after the act), but having to endure bad oral sex until he gets better is..well..

    At least he is trying in some parts and I appreciate it, but it is just objectively not enough. I thought it would be cruel of me to blame/leave him for something he did put effort in but ended up being bad anyway

  9. Sit down with her & tell her that you can't afford another holiday. If she gets mad, dump her & move on with your life.

    She sounds like a spoiled princess.


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