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7 thoughts on “BUTTERSCOTCHBunni online sex cams for YOU!

  1. Insisting on having sex that many times a day is unreasonable. Insisting to have sex when you have clearly expressed don’t want to is assault. He is manipulating you. This is not normal.

  2. I'm confused about one part – is she telling you or implying that you aren't able to keep her interest or keep her satisfied or is that what you are telling yourself?

  3. I do think I should shut it down. I’ve gotten enough responses that have made me realize this now… super frustrating but it’s the truth.

    Yup. Safety first.

    Yeah… except there is no private sector in this case… it’s all public facing. Same goes for me.

    This is what is puzzling me. From sniping to analysis to taxes to hacking to census to lobbying, there is no such thing as 'no private sector'.

  4. First of all, this would make me consider separation. Second of all, you mean he's totally disregarding the fact that having a baby is a traumatic body and life changing experience? Cool, he sounds great.

    Here's what I would say (please note I am a petty bitch and you probably shouldn't actually do this) first I'd tell him “I don't want him in the delivery room with me because he's made me feel so uncomfortable in my own skin, I won't feel like I can do what I need to (ya know push his child out of my body) in the room without feeling judged and like I'm not pretty enough for him while actively giving birth to a human.” Second, if he says that shit again, I would say something along the lines of “oh, I didn't realize you only loved and married me for my physical appearance, I thought you loved me as a whole person who carried and birthed two of your children.”

  5. That's what I told him!!!! How would I know??? But yeah I think maybe it's true but that's like really messed up and I'm really worried because we were about to buy a house and everything and we have literally 3 days to cancel everything and get our money back and I'm like what should I even do, can I forgive him should I pack my things what the hell we've been together 5 years that's really messed up

  6. There’s a difference between not doing something because of shitty conditions and pretending that shitty reality doesn’t exist for most people.


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