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  1. You do not want to parent with this man and you certainly don’t want your child going back and forth between you, with you trying to undo the things he is teaching that child.

  2. You can only draw an accurate conclusion from accurate information. And I'm telling you, rape culture in it's current state turns a blind eye to this kind of SA.

    Predators get away and continue preying because people don't talk about it or mislabel the situation

  3. Bro…you say “wow…that’s upsetting to hear” and act like an adult who understands that people can change.

    Are you living in a Disney movie?

  4. This isn’t about blame anymore OP. This is about efficiently and safely getting divorced, the marriage isn’t worth saving and it’s highly unlikely that he would change even if he knew it was that or divorcing. Gather copies or originals of everything, I listed stuff in another post, saw some others do the same. Then see a lawyer and do whatever additional steps they recommend before breaking the news to anyone.

  5. Ok, let’s dig down a bit.

    She was being very close and vocal about intimate things to the point where other people were noticing

    Can you expand on this a bit? Do you mean that she was flirting with you and being suggestive in a way that felt too public or embarrassing to you?


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