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  1. If trust/honesty is the issue, I’d think telling her you snooped would be the best option. While it may be wrong, you had your suspicions so you did it – confirming she was lying in the process. It happened, it’s in the past now. Plus, snooping isn’t as bad as cheating. There were trust issues, so can she really blame you? If the relationship is going to end regardless, why end it with a lie? I would say put it all out there.

  2. I feel the car isn't the real issue…

    Perhaps your marriage is and the car could be a temporary cruch but you got to think logically

    she's going to be absolutely furious and she can get very violent when she’s angry. I'm scared to leave my children with her when she gets like this

    This isn't normal or healthy for anyone, does she often lash out like this?

    Maybe you could get the car on finance or let's say its 3k, you can get a bank loan and pay a regular monthly amount

    But if you say you can't afford it.. saddly you can't afford it and again I think your seeing thos car as some form of escape

    I've been considering running away with the car to a different state and starting a new life there

    The only time I've heard people talking about running away from their spouse, relatives, relationships ect is when they are being absued

    Just coz your a man, doesn't mean a man can not be a victim of domestic abuse… I Many places its equal to female victims but its less know about as men don't oftern report the abuse as saddly some people still don't believe men can be victims, we have had jonny deep come out amd finally settle his cause about AT.

    Take a step back, are you and your wife compatible?

    Does she say or does things to you? Especially when she's angry to the point where you don't feel safe leaving your kids with her so I assume your kids have seen this explosive temper of hers….

    Do you feel safe in your own home

    Are you both really happy but when she changes do you become very scared?

    Get some individual therapy and talk to a specialist as the car can not fix your problem

    Trust me you have bigger issues than buying a car you can not afford

    You also need to be a parent too and it's good that you see it isn't the right thing to do If you did run away

    Get a therpist

    Get couples counselling

    Don't buy the car

  3. You might be an introvert and not used to constant contact and exchange. Also situation is new and you want to be seen in the best light. This is exhausting.

  4. How about, “do any of these women believe they have a chance with you, or believe they are developing a relationship with you?” And “when are you going to let them know you are in a relationship with me?”

  5. Bs!!! You lost the respect of the conversation when you used only your mind to speak without actually having read anything at all!!! If it was “secondary” the reproduction would fall every time hunger was here because exactly they didn't have food which it didn't. And not wanting sex is pathological that totally can be fixed if taken the right hormones or medication. Even the asexual are masturbating! So…read.

  6. True, but the BF reacting as a ball of rage (not everyone can hold their shit) even if it’s not AT her, will still be a rage monster that needs to be handled. And that’s in a moment of deep deep deep vulnerability for OP, where they now have to manage a partner’s feelings instead.


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