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  1. Sweetheart, there just is no easy way around this. Everyone is acting like you know all the details, when what you do now is all one sided (that of the girl’s). Honestly, I wouldn’t try to find him through Social media since she’s been so secretive. I would, instead, look for the proper authorities and notify them. You should be able to do so anonymously or at least ask that they keep your name private and not discuss it with the offender. Wishing you the best of luck!!! And hope you can get out of this awkward situation soon!!!

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  3. Op what about you add masages as an act of service towards your wife, she then relaxes and you can cuddle before going to sleep

  4. As long as there is a path for communication I think there is a good chance at keeping the relationship going 🙂

  5. Your sister was blackout drunk and obliterated. She didn’t sleep with him, he very much slept with her. I’d be questioning if this was rape as by your description how on earth could she have consented?

  6. From how you described your sister's state, she was blackout drunk. It seems to me your husband raped your sister, OP.

    I know it hurts, but from the looks of it, your sister was a victim of your husband's rape. You gotta talk to her. Who knows what’s going on in her mind? She was raped and could potentially lose her sister because of it. She must be going through some dark stuff in her mind.

  7. Unless there is a better than average chance of it coming up from another source (ie meeting one of your previous partners and them talking about it with him) then your past is exactly that, the past, not part of your relationship with him.

    So decide if there is a chance, if yes, then getting out ahead of the problem is in your best interests as your relationship will likely end if a random comes up, says hello and asks your husband if he’s been in any orgies with you.

    Otherwise only tell him what you are comfortable with.

    And to be honest, you should have done all this before getting married, as if he reacts badly, now he’s married to you his reaction is going to be many times worse as he’ll think you hid it to trap him.

  8. i’ve never made a suggestion i’ve literally only said “wow your hair is getting long” and once asked “do you plan on growing it out more?” in which he responded that he hadn’t thought about it and moved on. none of those are suggestions and i have never expressed an opinion. you’re forming an opinion based on evidence that isn’t there?

  9. You married an underemployed man almost a decade your junior and I have a hunch it was nowhere near long enough between meeting and marriage. What were you thinking? I am sure he's a delightful playmate but what made you think he would be a solid partner?

    He's not going to grow up in the next 36 weeks, so if you're going have the baby, either exit the marriage or resign yourself to being responsible for 2 children


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