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10 thoughts on “CaraFray on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. I disagree with so many of the comments here. As long as you are doing nothing sinister and crossing relationship boundaries – sharing details that are private, you are doing NOTHING wrong. Ofc you can talk with that other person when your gf is asleep because while she is awake all your attention goes towards her! Expecting you to be tied to her and have no friends of your own is dangerous. On another note, try putting yourself in uncomfortable positions to make more male friends. It might suck in the beginning but soon you will make great bonds. You aren't doing anything wrong. All the best.

  2. I have to say that I would not like that too, I think he could invite you to go with him and know her if he does not have something to hide, if he doesn't it's super weird

  3. I am an only child and lived 6 hours away from my parents for nearly five years.

    I am glad I did, I learned how capable I am, of making a new life, social circle, everything from scratch. I am glad I worked jobs I couldn’t work at home, and met people who helped me be the person I am.

    But when my Mom had a stroke, and when I had a health scare, and when I realized how much I missed my home state, I moved back. Now I am an hour away from them and see them at least every few weeks. We are far apart enough that I have space for my own life and yet close enough when or if either of us need help. I watched my Father care for his elderly mother out of state, and how stressful being so far away was during her end of life. I didn’t want that for any of us.

    I am do glad to be back, but I am glad I took a few years and moved away too.

    You have the urge to go, so you can go! And know that when the time is right you can always return and bring back everything you have learned.

  4. Jesus, have some self respect and ditch that loser. You deserve so much better than him. He’s a low-quality, low-loyalty, low-value man. You don’t need to settle for him. There are guys out there who will buy you flowers. Who would rather come home to you than have a dalliance with a 19-year-old teenager.

    Stop putting up with his bullshit and emotional manipulation. He doesn’t feel remorse for what he did. He feels sad that he got caught.

    Dump him.

  5. I think if he isn't any closer to committing to you in any way after four years, it's a massive risk holding on for another 5 years to see if he's going to change his mind.

    It isn't like he's being deliberately vague or misleading – it sounds like he's being very open and honest about where he is, and you're holding on to the idea of what he might be able to give you eventually, only there's no evidence of what this might be.

    I don't think he loves you. It sounds like a relationship of convenience and he's drip feeding you just enough to be able to get what he needs from this arrangement. Either that, or you're so eager to make it something that it isn't, that you're misinterpreting his actions for love when actually he's just tolerating the situation to get what he wants.

    He seems to be asking you to end the relationship for your own good, as you're pushing for something he doesn't want to, or can't provide. From what I can see, this isn't a functional relationship and there is nothing to save. I'm sorry.

  6. thank you! despite all the hate from their side, things have died down so hopefully this will be just a lasting memory.

  7. I wasn't 50 then. And yes technically that's true except for he was definitely an adult and a very manly one at that. I wouldn't date anyone under 30 now and for LTR that would probably be a bit higher. At least my kid isn't anywhere near that age so I don't have to worry about that. I also didn't chase him at all. He was definitely the instigator. So why not knowing that it would just be a fling?

  8. I understand that.

    He's expressed how expensive kids are, and we both want kids. I plan to return to college as soon as I'm able and I want to be home to raise my kids until they're in school. So Im wondering then why he isn't more motivated. I make more money than him right now.


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