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Model from: it

Languages: it

Birth Date: 1951-11-13

Body Type: bodyTypeCurvy

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlonde

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureHousewives

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  1. Is the bra size different from the sisters like a lot smaller or wildly bigger? Pregnancy breasts do make them larger but not like two cup sizes for example if the sister is a B cup during pregnancy she wouldn’t be wearing a D cup. So you can draw some conclusions on your own.

    But since this a new relationship, and he does give you his password let me just say though that doesn’t mean he won’t cheat. My best friend had her boyfriends info and location even and was allowed to look and he was still cheating. He had a code with the girl he was fucking behind her back to not text him unless he texted first. So if someone wants to cheat it’s always possible. But if I were you I would try to trust him until something else happens. If that’s all it is then it’s probably fine but if not and something else happens then question it. If he was cheating I’m sure he would be super careful and make sure the girl didn’t leave any garments behind. I don’t think he would be that careless but that’s also my opinion.

  2. The reality is that this is not that easy. Many people still grow up in homophobic homes and internally shame themselves into thinking they're straight. I'm glad that you online in a place where you can come out as gay if you were, but not everyone experiences that…

  3. Yeah, we broke up. At first kind of peacefully and friendly because I'm a little slow with processing my emotions and reflecting, so I didn't really recognize the emotional cheating for what it was at first. At first I only knew it made me feel like shit, but not exactly why.

    I didn't want to jump to conclusions in case it was just me being overly jealous or possessive. I also wanted to try to salvage things, so she was actually the one who broke up with me. She called it a break, said she still wanted to be friends and hang out, and left in the option of maybe getting back together later. Then within less than two weeks had sex with the guy. That sex wasn't technically cheating, but still painful as hell. After all the love and support I'd given her, it made me feel worthless, undesirable, unlovable and just generally abandoned and betrayed.

    Once I dealt with my initial grief over losing the relationship, I had time to reflect and process, and that's when I realized the betrayal and how she (and the other guy) did some incredibly shitty and selfish things. I was gonna try to handle it diplomatically at first, but then I learned she kept going and went all the way with him almost immediately after breaking up. On top of being hurt it made me disgusted and resentful, so I decided to just have a conversation letting her know how I feel about her and her actions, and then cut contact.

  4. I think that level of celebrity worship is…odd. And I'd probably insist on counseling before I married anyone exhibiting that behavior.

  5. This is hard. As long as it's not coming from hate towards her for transitioning and I wanba belive you arnt then ask yourself this. Do you love her ignore everything else. Just answer that. That is all you need. Then think why didn't she tell you? Hint tho she told u cuz she trusts u.

  6. I do now. It took me over 13 years to see it tho. This whole fight is trying to get what I should've had to begin with if I wasn't manipulated into leaving my name off of everything when we bought at the time. Looking back I was so brainwashed

  7. Allow me to play “devils advocate” for a second. Has he given you cause for concern before this?. Are you or your friend certain that this is his profile? I am simply asking because there have been post from others on different subs where it turned out to be a fake/catfish situation. Probably the worst one I read was where the neighbor used the husbands photo's and catfished women and it ended horribly. I wish you luck OP.

  8. Not everyone will want to date someone with a specific sexual past; that's just the reality. But I'm much more concerned about her reaction – screaming and pulling her hair?

    Does your girlfriend have a history of reacting with screaming and violence when she's upset about something?

    Does she have some sort of personal traumatic experience with sex workers? Was she ever one herself?

  9. No, he doesn't but he also doesn't have to stay with her and make her feel bad for getting tattoos. OP says getting tattoos brings her joy, makes her happy. She shouldn't be with anyone who would not support things that make her happy. They're incompatible.


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