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  1. To change his behavior, I would take him up on his offer to plan things together.

    The trick, I think, is positive reinforcement. To avoid playing Teacher, or otherwise talking down to him. To quickly show encouragement when he says or does something right, and when he ventures an idea that seems questionable to you, keep your disdain under tight control. And when he makes mistakes, as he surely will, let him learn by himself where we went wrong, while you hold your tongue.

    I realize that after 6 years your patience has run low, and you may feel that this is an unreasonable burden. AFAIK there is no shortcut.

  2. While very colorfully and rudely phrased she is right about the core issue. Both how many and the circumstances of how you had your ELEVEN children is mindboggling and honestly pretty selfish. According to you two of them were planned because you had cancer and thought you were going to die which…is backwards. (bringing kids into the world knowing they aren't going to have a father) I try not to fault you on that because it sounds like that was when you were a child yourself. But by the time you were 20 and on kid number five…c'mon dude.

    Also unless you are either a millionaire or receiving financial support there is no way you are able to meet the needs of 11 children financially. And even if you could there is no way period you are meeting all their needs emotionally/logistically. Changing clothes, staying on top of school and extracurriculars, being involved in all of their separate interests, teaching them life skills and helping them solve problems. There isn't enough time of day for one person to do that.

    Your mom shouldn't have called you a hoe and I don't support disrespecting people publicly. But honestly that should be the least of your concerns.

  3. If he played with Barbie dolls as a kid that is not a problem. That's no kind of issue at all; they're kids toys, he was a kid who played with them, that's how that's supposed to work.

    If you can and it's an option (and if you can do it without his mom being involved) maybe suggest to him he goes for a new assessment as a second opinion?

  4. Yes I think this is the answer. OP might have him on a pedestal so will view his behaviour as helpful where others will view it as annoying.

    I get the feeling that he's a bit too intense for most people and just needs to take a back seat sometimes.

  5. Since he is not on the lease, he is technically squatting. You may have to take him to court. Alternatively, you could write up a sublease contract, get him to sign it, and then when he does not pay rent, evict.

  6. This is the kind of shit that makes it so naked to be vulnerable with somebody. I’m not perfect by any means, and I have fucked up plenty, but I would never cheat on somebody. Especially in a long term relationship. So fucked.


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