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10 thoughts on “Cata Ruiz on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. Take pictures of the messages. Save this evidence. You can then talk to him without letting him know you it.

    Je has two choices. Therapy to cope with whatever is going on and stopping the drug hunt or Divorce. You have done too much together to let him throw it all away.

    Your children need a safe environment and he needs to be healthy for that.

  2. why do you think they are more energy efficient than an oven the same size? It’s not like as if it uses a heatpump

  3. First off pack up your kids and take off. File a police report for the abuse if she ever touched you again and never lift that restraining order. She can go to jail just for calling you while that is in effect.

    Dude, for your own safety and mental health. Leave. Hire a lawyer and take those kids with her. Aggressively pursue for full custody and document any bruises, cuts she leaves on you as proof of her abuse.

    Block her and never move back in with her again. Don't do back to abusive situations. Get your one place and get your life back together. Focus on yourself and healing from her abuse.

  4. Cheating is cheating, and you have right to feel betrayed and upset. Maybe try journaling about it to have this conversation with yourself? Go excercise. Do whatever helps you to connect with yourself and process the situation.

    It is your call about what will you do. If you want to save relationship, then you both need to work naked. If you can't get over that, you have right to walk away and it is not you destroying your relationship, she did that.

  5. Sorry I am still emotional over this, so I missed a few details. So she broke up, and then we agreed to try and work out what was wrong with us, but I slept with this other girl. Yes rebound, and I told her because we are technically not broken up when we decided to try and fix it.

  6. I personally think that it is awful that he just cares about the money aspect and how women don't do this and not WHY you need this little time off. You seems to have such an stress and bad time at your job that you need this and at home you don't get some quiet time. Why do you have no time for yourself? Can't you find a way that your bf need you alone for 1-2 hours after you come home to come down? If you don't have children, i think everybody deserve me-time (also with children, it is just harder to find the time).

  7. Yep, felt so bad he didnt apologize and was so worried about her surgery and pain that he didnt help her with any of it.


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