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  1. He brought children up first not me. On the fourth date or so. This is when I said I was wanting to settle down and have children but I was not looking to do it with someone I had just met.

  2. I get that yeah! Is the intend really what turns it from ok into abusive? Since the end result would be the same, right? Again, genuinely asking

  3. The people telling you not to take responsibility are doing you a huge favour. They are showing you exactly who they are and that they will screw you over the first chance they get. I would keep these “friends” at a very far arm's length.

  4. Honey – first things first he's not the love of your life YET. Right now he's a good friend and you need to tread lightly to avoid messing that up by handling things wrong.

    Whatever happens, before you do anything else, you need to prepare yourself for the fact that he might say no. That's not being fatalistic, that's being realistic.

    That out of the way, well – ask him out. What are his interests? Does he like art or movies? Paintball? rock climbing? Finding common ground and enjoying an activity together is a great way to see if you click. See if you can inject a little romance in there. Give him a flower. Something cute like that, boys like that too. Above all, try your best to be confident and honest, and if it happens, it happens. Good luck!

  5. She is simply too young to comprehend these things. She wants to party and have fun, you want to focus on school etc. It’s just a mismatch and will most definitely end in you having a meltdown and dumping her, or her dumping cause you’re “soooo boring”.

  6. You’re allowed to keep secrets to yourself. I’m sure your boyfriend hasn’t divulged his embarrassing moments of sexual awakening.

    It’s the past. You know who you are in the present, and that’s what your boyfriend wants, not the girl going through puberty.

  7. no problem i’m just speaking from my own experience with an abusive relationship, sounds like you’re unfortunately familiar with that as well. How sad that he got away from here but not really because it’s not affecting just his life now.

  8. Try to do new, fun and enriching things and focus on you. Focus on your hobbies and desires. Feel your feelings and move through them. Have fun and meet new people. I know you’re hurting now but you’re gonna be okay. Enjoy your youth.


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