Catrinasherman on-line sex chats for YOU!

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6 thoughts on “Catrinasherman on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. You do know people aren't always together, or in the mood for sex, or even able to do it whenever? There are a plethora of reason one watches porn without it being their partner isn't enough

  2. I didn’t make the account for sex. Have an opinion, disagree with my actions, but at least let it be based in reality. And im not turned off bc the daughter is close to me in age. I was concerned by how it is a testament to his character if he is fine hooking up with and saying sexually charged things to people in his daughter’s age group. and he’s the only guy i’ve spoken to that is this much older than me. he told me about past relationships, and i figured he’d be honest about kids too. regardless, i dont need to discuss w you bc you dont even want to acknowledge he forced sex on me. if you can’t even sympathize w a stranger, i wonder how you are in real life. but yeah, no. i didn’t seek out sex. instead i was very clear about not wanting sex.

  3. Don’t try to have sex with drunk people: they aren’t in a state of mind to consent, and this is akin to SA.

    He’s a human being. Most people don’t want to have sex every day, especially if they’re tired and drunk. Just let him sleep.

  4. You acknowledge right off the bat that the topic triggers her. She bursts into tears and since, seems to be actively avoiding the topic. So maybe just don't take her response personally, understanding the fact that she may be having very hot feelings, and they probably aren't about you or your SO.

    I don't understand why you talk about her posts about being sick and her finger injury. What does that have to do with the fertility thing? It seems like you are just trying to drag her through the mud a bit.

    You claim that your nearest neighbor is a very close friend, but you can't seem to have understanding for her reactions. Your expect her to react a specific way to your fertility news, even while acknowledging that it's a sore topic for her. Maybe your fertility updates aren't as important to others as you might have hoped. Maybe it's you that should be behaving differently here? Cancelling your expectations of her and offering understanding instead.


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