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2 thoughts on “CattherinNooa online sex chats for YOU!

  1. Sounds like this is a dealbreaker for you. If it is. End the relationship and remind yourself of your standards and why you chose to end things.

  2. Do you want Reddit to tell you the ethical thing to do would be to stay with your financially dependent, sick girlfriend but that it's also ok to cheat on her because she's mean to you and you pay the bills?

    You're overwhelming not going to get that response.

    Tell the 22 year old you've got a messy life and need to sort it out. From now on you need to keep things professional and work related only. Keep it as professional as you do with coworkers who you don't want to stick your dick in. Do this until you're fully single, no longer on-line with your ex, start therapy and aren't in a position with authority over her in the office. I doubt you respect her individuality and autonomy enough to do the right thing, but that would be the right thing.

    Then you'll have more time and brain power to dedicate to figuring out what to do about your current relationship catastrophe.

    I also want to point out how you describe your 22 year old crush as “timid” and “conservative” as if those are positive, sexy qualities. You certainly don't seem to have a fetish for taking a protective, provider role so I can only assume your dick gets very hot thinking about how easily you could program her to be your personal fantasy. Don't be that guy, ffs.


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