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  1. Just as the other comment below states it’s not slander if there’s enough evidence to make someone genuinely suspicious. It’s not slander to accuse someone of something unpleasant, it’s only slander if you have no evidence for it and actively know it not to be true but spread it anyway. This guys just asking if his wife is cheating on him with his brother and the woman is doing nothing to show him she’s not and won’t paternity test. You think a doctor lied about infertility? You think a court won’t be interested in knowing paternity before they dish out ordering support payments? If a court can investigate if she’s had an affair by paternity testing then why can’t the husband?

  2. I had all of my judgment typed out until I realized this isn't an a i t a.

    IMO!!!!!!!!!! I think she's being a little unfair. A marriage is more important than any friendship, through sickness and in health and I think she should've catered to you instead of being angry. You are in your home, you don't feel well, and you shouldn't be expected to go out of your way while not feeling well to be more cheerful to her friend that you didn't know was going to be there.

    Now, with that being said, females are a peculiar species and I catch the vibe that you can't hit her with the whole “you're wrong” argument. So a compromise always works…

    “[insert name/pet name], I'm sorry I wasn't more cheerful, I can see how I came across rude and that was never my intention. That being said, I still feel like your reaction was a little unfair to me considering 1.) I didn't know she was going to be there, 2.) I was seriously not feeling well, 3.) I was tired and hungry after an extra long shift and you not trying to sympathize with my current state makes me feel like you don't care about my feelings or wellbeing, and that you only cared about how I made you look in front of your friend. Still, I see my wrongness in the situation and I will casually apologize to [insert friends name] next time I see [him/her/they] to make it up to you but also not make it awkward. I love you”

    that's how I would fix it.


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