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11 thoughts on “charry2115live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. The only comments I saw about breaking up were men saying her bf should break up with her for being “materialistic.”

  2. I have had multiple people cheat on me and it sucks, but I have learned to not jump on the news to quickly.

    Gather evidence, check the information, and then get all the evidence if there is any.

    Your “friend” maybe trying to do the right thing, or maybe not. You do not know. What you do know is that you need information and proof. Why – because of the phrase – Gaslighting. If you have proof there is no way around it and if needed you can use it later.

    If there is nothing wrong going on – say thanks to that person and then let the road end for them.

    One thing I would not do – say a word or act abnormal until I had the proof one way or the other. Why because people can be evil out there.

    best of luck.

  3. i’ve gone to 4 day music festivals on my own. it is so much more fun. you don’t have to stress about anyone else, don’t have to miss an artist because someone you’re with is hungry or has to pee, you can go wherever whenever. it’s great. go to the festivals you want to go to!

  4. Man I’m sorry to tell you this but I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks and again at 8 weeks. She definitely lied to you

  5. Oof it’s actually a tricky one. Honestly, the ideal situation solution in my humble opinion, is if you can get to a point of honesty where you can BOTH appreciate attractiveness of other people and even joke about it, yet recognise it’s inherently out of bounds.

    Of course, this needs to be delicate and respectful. There are always going to be girls with a greater ass than you, and guys with a greater ass then him. But those asses are not connected to you or him. I don’t mean to patronise (I’m sorry if I am) but I think you need to reach a level of maturity, security and philosophical acceptance for this approach. Perhaps next time he stairs, maybe you should say, “yeah, she’s got a pretty good ass”. Seems odd, but all truth told, the open hand has the tightest grip. It is possible to like a strangers ass, but still loves you. I get that you want him to “behave better”. But if he’s taking a quick glance.. I’d say just let it go. If he’s staring for ages… yeah that’s a bit wrong. Sorry, a bit jumbled that reply but hopefully something useful in there!

  6. Anything but the whole truth is a lie. She can not lie by omission and expect you to accept that. Perhaps marriage counseling could help. However, it's ok if you decide you can no longer trust her.

  7. I wouldn't say anything to your dad but 8 would send this post or share what you've shared here with “Prada”. She's only 3 years away from aging out. She should know…

  8. This sub is seriously half full of awkward age gaps and people wondering why they are having issues… yes age is just a number but this sub may say otherwise…


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