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  1. You’re welcome. Honestly, the best you can do is when HE brings up the topic to you, don’t give advice. Don’t try to fix it. Listen to him and comfort him. We know there is nothing that can be fixed with it. He has to be ready to do counseling. If you’ve suggested it once and he said no. Respect that. When he’s ready, he will tell you. It took me a long time to figure out I needed help and it was affecting me and those around me. I just worry about him seeing your comments on here if he can search your username.

    Good luck and good luck to him. I do hope he finds peace, along with you.

    I’ve done some research into things that might be helpful. There is a place in Jamaica and Norway that does microdosing with psyllicibin (mushrooms), along with trauma counselors. I’ve thought about that, as it supposedly helps long term. Also there is EMDR, which takes longer and it doesn’t seem like it helps at first, but the more you do it, the more intense it brings your feelings out and if he goes that route, just hold him afterwards because it is so intense.

    SGB shots in the neck, but it’s more short term. I’ve only tried EMDR so far and doing normal counseling.

  2. Go watch the movie Good Will Hunting and realize: it’s not your fault. You didn’t encourage bad behavior, you tried to do right by a friend and they did wrong by you and yours. And your sister’s husband is equally if not more to blame. But you? Unless you locked them in the room packed with condoms and a Marvin Gaye album, you didn’t do anything wrong.

  3. Yeah he wants a very traditional/old school marriage with traditional gender roles. I thought that was what I wanted to. Still do but not to the degree that I thought when I married him.

    Definitely want to talk with him this weekend.

  4. Maaaan, this happened to me with a male coworker. My husband told me that he was up to something, then one day on our lunch break he made his move.

    My husbands proudest “I told you so”


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