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Model from: it

Languages: en,it

Birth Date: 1996-05-23

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorRed

Eyes color: eyeColorGreen

Subculture: subcultureGamers

7 thoughts on “Chichi_love_live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. ??? No way should you even be talking to this guy.

    Honestly, just say fine, its over, block him on everything and get rid.

    That's scary stuff for anyone to say to another person.

  2. She doesn’t want to live! in the real world.

    That’s a tough one to deal with. Unless she can realize that the stuff she’s seeing on IG is all fake and/or only attainable by a tiny fraction of the population then she’s bound to be unhappy with her own existence.

    It might help to try to expose her to people who can attest to the fact that none of that stuff is real or obtainable for most people and that unless she wants to figure out a way to be wealthy and without obligations all of the sudden then she’s going to have to play by the rules the rest of the world follows.

  3. You shouldn't want to salvage it. As your best friend she knew about your insecurity. How to lure your boyfriend away, show him what he doesn't have being with you. She used your insecurity as a weapon against you. Forget being drunk, she contrived the move and attacked when you gave her the opportunity.

    As for breasts. I take it you aren't your boyfriends first girlfriend?

    He's seen and had access to plenty of breasts. He has chosen you and yours. That's a fact.

  4. Your mother has a lack of boundaries, so you need to be extra firm in setting them.

    “Mom, we decided to put baby in daycare. It’s nice that you’re willing to help but I feel more comfortable having him with trained professionals in a daycare setting, especially after the NICU. One thing you could you do to help is bring us a cooked meal once a week.”

    “Mom, I appreciate you buying stuff for baby, but I really want to own this process of learning what baby needs and coming up with my own parenting style and preferences. I know this is exciting for you but if you keep buying stuff I may end up donating it.”

  5. I think the key issue is if the bf is aware of if you want to be noted about it or not. If you have informed bf that you are well aware of that you have X, Y and Z but don't want to discuss it, then it would be shitty of him to talk about it.

    However, if he genuinly thinks you would want to know about it, he can pick a time when you have the time and the energy to possibly deal with it. The general rule is that if some physical issue can be fixed immediately in a few minutes without problems, then it can be commented: otherwise its mean. So you can comment on somebodys dirty hair if they have the time to clean it before you go out; comment that somebody has parsley between their teeth if there is a mirror nearby; comment about a dirty shirt if a clean one is available at hand.

    Obviously a partner should in time get to know you to that level that they understand what kind of grooming level you normally want to hold. If you have missed something that can easily be fixed, it's only polite to note on that.

    Then of course intent is also important. Does he say it to help you and is he emphatic, or does he blurt it out to shame you or to make you feel bad about yourselx.

    note: people always write in these threads that “obviously everybody knows how they look” but i feel that thise comments are either very unthoughtful or just coming from people who are obsessed with their looks and constantly on the mirror. Personally I might not notice some blemish or growing hair for many days for a variety of reasons, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't like to know if there's some change in my face

  6. I had twice an uti appearing because, once i was in a hotel, washed my panties on the sink, and put them to dry in their outside drying rack that was literally old and rusty, the second time i changed my tampon after going to the beach without showering because i was at my bfs (who still lived with his parents) house and couldnt do so. All the other times was because of the guy either didnt washed his bed or hands.


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