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  1. I care that my partner is intelligent, curious, independent (financially and otherwise), passionate, and can carry a conversation. These are things that sometimes come with a degree, but not always. I care more about those qualities than a piece of paper.

  2. Your dad is your dad. He's stuck with you no matter what.

    Your husband is not in such a position. He can leave. And he may if you don't play it right.

    Also, your husband was not “weaponizing” the children. You are a family unit. If one member of the family unit is not welcome, then nobody shows up. Pretty simple. It's unrealistic to expect the family to ditch him at home when you go to visit. That's not how it works and your dad needs to learn that.

    Some parents have a nude time with this and they think they still get to set the rules for their kids when they're adults. The fact that your dad said your husband isn't “good enough” for you is indicative of someone who doesn't respect your adulthood.

  3. He wasn’t taking a jab at her though! That’s my entire point in my last comment! HE JUST SPOKE TO HIS GIRLFRIEND! He didn’t insult her, he didn’t say anything actuallt sexist, he just brought up a conversation about womens soccer! She was in a bad mood- is it taking a jab at someone to speak to them when they’re hungry or grumpy?

    What do you mean “regardless of what was said it was the intent,” he literally says he just made a comment, not about her or anything, he just said a sentence. Are you reading something I’m not? Or are you just particularly uncharitable and biased?

    None of this makes sense. If your comments are based around him making the first jab, can you just link where he said that was his intent or explain why what he said was so clearly meant as a jab?

  4. You're never going to find the right man for you, if you're looking for the right man for your parents. Hopefully you can see that soon.

  5. I don’t want to be divorced

    Of course you don't. You want to be happily married.

    But realistically the only way you can achieve that, is to first divorce your abusive partner so you can be free to find and marry someone you will be happy with.

    Mate, you're in an abusive relationship and you need to get out.

  6. Most of them wouldn't. He'd have to find someone else that's very vulnerable, but at that age it wouldn't be from inexperience but more likely from trauma.

    He's not sweet and lovely and whatever other bs you're telling yourself.

  7. A lot of people have spoken on the ethics of voluntourism, and many POC and people from the country you’re visiting have given time and effort here to confirm that what you plan to do is not helpful. This should be more than enough to keep you home.

    I have a feeling that won’t be enough here. So let’s break the rest down:

    You and your fiancé have been together for 3.5 years You plan to get married

    You have been together for 3.5 years and this is the first time in that stretch that you’re doing something like this? Sounds like it isn’t a core part of your identity. What’s the actual issue here? Do you want more independence and not need to check in with your partner before making these decisions?

    You’re going to get married to this person. When you are married to someone, you’re responsible to more than just yourself. If you want to be able to make big decisions (like international travel to locations that your safety may be at risk) you should set that expectation before getting married. And, he may not agree to that. You then have to decide if that is more important to you than the relationship, and either accept the relationship as it is or break up.

    But, it has to go both ways! Your fiancé then also has the ability to make decisions like this for himself and you don’t get input.

    I’d consider why this feels like a very big deal, isolate the root cause of the issue, and work that out with your fiancé. It’s not wrong to want more independence than what is ‘typical’ in a marriage, but it does need to be mutually greed upon and mutually exercised.

  8. I’ve suspected that he may be autistic or something similar, but I didn’t want to armchair diagnose. You may be right, I’ll try to set some harder boundaries and be a bit more understanding.

  9. Listen, I broke up a few weeks ago and how you are treated is most important. It doesn’t matter if its your first or 10th relationship. If your partner is lying, gaslighting you and immediately fucks someone the moment your relationship isn’t doing great then you shouldn’t be together at all. If she did this once she will probably do it again. Focus on yourself and break it off because this will eat at you and you will only suffer.


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