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  1. Absolutely not!!! The food was one thing. I agree it’s weird and definitely could be seen as sexual or flirting. But to say “it’s like a kiss” why are you putting that idea into his head??? Why would you SAY THAT??? Why are you even THINKING like that??? She’s definitely flirting! And infront of you??? I can’t imagine what she says or does behind your back. If it was me I would be PISSED and not let them around eachother anymore. Idc if that comes off as possessive. She’s clearly flirting and being extremely disrespectful. If YOU were acting that way with another man would be be okay with that? I want him to seriously imagine you having another man feed you and making those comments. If he gets upset he just likes the attention and doesn’t want to cut her off. Any reasonable man would see how this is an issue and cut ties. Absolutely not.

  2. Do you know the guys name? Do you know their address?

    Then send him a letter.

    And consider finding a new best friend

  3. Girl she turned him down. Are you really going to stay with a boy who chose someone else over you? What if she hadn't turned him down??? He would be with her! You are misplacing your anger on her when it should be on him.

  4. Honestly, no. Because the issue fundamentally remains one of trust. If you have so little trust in your partner that you need to check their phone, then you probably shouldn’t be with that person.

  5. JETs pay into the regular Japanese pension system and can receive up to 5 years of their payments back if they leave Japan before the 10 years required to collect pension payments upon retirement.

  6. Go meet with him. Show him pics of your brother. Take a DNA test along and tell him you're not seeing him again til you can collect his spit to make sure he's not some love child of your parents.

  7. Yes she's trying to get with your boyfriend, everything she's doing is pretty obvious that's what she's trying to do. You don't need this friend so you and your boyfriend block her on everything and cut her off. In fact you shouldn't even call her a friend, friends don't do stupid shit like that.

  8. I'm sorry did she not also say the 20 yr old was naked (a full grown adult btw)? Somebody needs a reality check and it's not you.

  9. From your reply it seems that there is a difference in approach when it comes to disagreements in a relationship. It sounds as if he may get defensive & take it personally – rather than seeing it as a constructive conversation to strengthen the relationship.

    You are both very young and still learning how to navigate relationships. It’s up to you what you want for yourself. Communication is so important in EVERY type of relationship. It’s important to be and feel heard and respected.

    What do you value in a relationship? What is your ideal relationship look like? How would you deal with disagreements? How would you handle hardships together?

    Personally, I would then speak to him again. I know you have and I’m sure you are so exhausted of the same things – I always give it another attempt. (Even though most people didn’t deserve it ?) I would put it all out there and explain how you are both upset at the problem and not each other. Share with him how you are feeling about his reactions and responses to you.

    If it’s the same thing – you have really think if this is what you want.

    No one is perfect but there are fundamental things needed to make a relationship successful and worth while.

    It’s not easy what you are going through ❤️ I hope I helped and made sense. ?

  10. So you’re just owning the lies when she finds them out? That’s not how you “work on it”.

    That’s just you STILL lying because you won’t own the biggest shittiest lie of all.

    You have no right to date anyone until you can own every fucking lie you’ve told any of your girlfriends, past and present.

  11. Guys like pretty things. He's collecting a bunch of pretty things. There isnt a purpose. You may as well ask why Magpies like shiny things. Generalising, but its part of the nature of men to have some superficial attraction to other women even if they are taken.

  12. Yeah no you’re right. I do know that, I know I’m being an idiot and I would love to leave, it’s just incredibly difficult, I keep going back and hurting myself more and more but ultimately I know what to do I’m just afraid I won’t be able to!

  13. That's no best friend. A friend won't just ignore your opinions. A friend won't try and sort of gaslight you into being his girlfriend!

    You should cut him off and make sure people around you know that he's making you uncomfortable with his behaviour, for your safety!

  14. You don’t want to damage your relationship with her meanwhile she doesn’t give two shits about it. Stop being friends with this girl; she doesn’t care about you or else she wouldn’t be doing these things.

  15. Sexual assault and rape are very different things hun I think you should read up on it

    Of course they are very similar and can be used to describe the same thing but they actually mean different things

  16. What kind of pictures? Also… From your post it doesn't sound like anyone involved had any I'll intentions. He's a professional photographer and she wanted to give you a present for your anniversary

  17. Why no pics with ppl in costume? And what was going on that couldnt be watched that she didnt understand? Ive never been to LA and im apparently naive too cuz i dont get it!

  18. through his work. It's his invitation with his company, colleagues and friends. She is his +1 until he decides she isn't. There would be no invitation for her without him, but he always remains invited.

    Ask yourself this, would it have been weird for OP to ahow up to her husbands work event without her husband? Of course it would have. The situation here is so obvious and just because OP worded it in such a way as to make it sound like she was invited doesn't make it so, she was simply a +1.

  19. Your husband is childish and lacking any decorum to make it through life. He took a risk that a married man should ever do. If I were you, I tell him he has three days to find some type of employment and if not, divorce him. He broke your trust………

  20. And, then when you do, you'll see her trying to slip in to be ever so comforting to his 'heartache' over the breakup.

  21. Honestly there is something seriously wrong with your family. You didn't know to you he was a cheat not an abuser. I didn't do anything wrong.

  22. Long distance acquaintances is one thing. Friends is a whole other story. When I think of a friend I think of someone you can confide to about problems. It’s not appropriate to be confusing to your ex about your new relationship. Also, sexual intimacy leaves an impact on people that can be covered over but also reemerge without warning. Just my opinion.

  23. You haven't said anything to him about it yet. There must be some reason you feel like this normal, caring behaviour is controlling? Figure that out because you won't find a caring and understanding person like him just anywhere.

  24. Dealbreaker if it was me. Easy to say this as I’m not invested and I know how my heart works. I’ve put up with less. I’m sorry this has happened. Forget the honesty, it’s more about how you’re literally just the next best thing. It sounds horrible to put it like that but that’s what he’s saying when he says that. Fuck him. I hope he’s not also manipulating cause that’s some narcissistic behavior almost- to be able to lack so much self awareness to bring that up- the plus is at least you know now.

    Fuck that dude, I think you deserve much better and his selfish behavior will only cause problems in the future. This won’t be something that’s easy to overcome. I wouldn’t ever forget it throughout the length of the relationship unless he made some real changes and showed me I’m the apple of his eye not his fucking ex.

  25. OP, my ex, who I have a child with, does this with every relationship she has had. She already has her exit plan in place and she just jumps from one relationship to another unless she gets caught cheating and they boot her ass out like I did. Trust me she had many boot her out.

    It is not healthy, cause you cannot grow as a person by doing this. Take the time for yourself to re-evaluate what YOU WANT, what YOU NEED.

    I see people do this all the time and they just get in worse relationships then the left, and finally they are so beaten down they will accept anything just to have feelings.

  26. I am taking accountability I regret my actions and the kiss and I feel bad for both guys but I can't help who I have feelings for or who I find physically attractive

  27. I was trying very hot to keep cool while flipping my shit inside.

    I think this is the crux of your mistake – stop trying to keep cool. Your partner lied to you – you don't just “feel like” he lied, it was absolutely a lie and also, if you ask me, theft- and this soft language and attempts to keep cool are not helping you. Your partner is dishonest, which is a red flag, and he is trying to make this “not a big deal” while it 1000% is a big deal, so ACT as if it is. Stop keeping cool, put your foot down.

    There are more red flags here, btw. Like the fact that your fiance does not believe in financial infidelity – like what? Sooo… he can also commit this financial infidelity and it's not a problem, since it “doesn't exist”. Explains why he STOLE your money and sees no issue with it… All in all, there's consistency here. But it should worry you.

    Getting defensive when a legit issue is brought up is also a red flag, a big one. How can you ever discuss any problems and resolve them, if he just gets defensive and shuts the convo down? The answer is, you can't… I don't even know how to build a serious partnership if you can't have those conversations with your partner.

    An orange flag I see is that you believe having your own money in your own account is abusive. That is completely absurd, and I took a double-take when i read it. But you got this idea from somewhere… was it your fiance? Because if it was then YIKES ON TRIKES.

  28. So why would you care that your name isn't on the rental agreement? If something happens you're not liable.

    I'd be happy with this arrangement with less risk on me

  29. You both need to go NC with this woman. He is caught feelings for her so he needs to message her and tell her that he wants nothing else to do with her and block her. Delete her number and agree to an open phone/electronics policy.

    If he wishes to continue contact with her, then he needs to move out and you will start divorce proceedings as he is being unfaithful to you and disrespecting you and your marriage.

  30. I feel like there is a TON of information missing here, and your overly defensive responses to very basic questions looking for more details are so shady it's making me think you've been cheating on ME and I don't even know you. I think I can see how your ex-wife got worried.

  31. This isn’t an “all men” thing. At all. It’s never occurred to me in 35 years of dating that I should ever expect anything at all from a date. Nothing. No matter how long we’ve been together. I don’t know anyone who thinks like this either. It’s really fucking weird to me that anyone would act that way.

  32. You can date whoever you want to, but there is a microscopic chance that it’s a successful relationship


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