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6 thoughts on “Chloe-smith on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Seems like you are doing the right thing, just give it time, it's good that you are upfront about what you want. It sucks to start liking someone just to later find out you two aren't compatible

  2. They can both get baby trapped, they were both children themselves and have no idea what they were getting into, she just isn't here to say it to.

  3. Ok, this is just a point of definition. I heard this in the UK and don’t understand how “casual drinks” differs from going to a pub, and where do you have “casual drinks”? A restaurant? Does this mean you don’t stay as long as you would in a pub, and have food? Can you not get “casual drinks” at a pub? Sorry if you don’t want to answer since this is off-topic, but I’ve been curious ever since I was in London this summer.

    But I agree with most that your GF very likely has a serious problem with alcohol. Wishing you the best because living with this is not easy.


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