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9 thoughts on “Chloedee live sex chats for YOU!

  1. If you have never agreed to be exclusive, her actions lay on the grey area – she could basically do it but yeah, it majorly sucks. I think you did the right thing for yourself (especially if you have been loyal to her). Many probably don’t want the other person to be sleeping in the talking stage if they aim for a relationship (because yeah… it would kinda suck).

    Next time, try to establish that you want to only talk to that one person early (enough). This way you can find someone who feels the same way as you and situations like this won’t arise.

  2. Your wife is trying to avoid conflict/make you happy, its probably a learned behaviour, and I would strongly suggest that you just learn to on-line with it since its not malevolent. There’s probably things you do that drive her batty as well.

    Here’s a thought to her reasoning behind it: she would somewhat prefer sage, but not enough to make a big deal out of it. So she is trying to establish if your wish to use thyme is stronger than her wish to have sage used. If it is, she decides to let it go because its not THAT important to her. If your wish to use thyme is by her estimation less than her wish to have sage used, it makes it worth saying something. Like…sometimes I crave takeaway, and, say, I somewhat want Indian but I’m not dead set on it. I mention takeaway to my husband and he immediately lights up and mentions Chinese. That’s a clear indication for me that he wants Chinese more than I want Indian, so I’m happy to go along with that. If he mentions Chinese without lighting up or in a disinterested tone, I might say “or Indian?” and then watch his face. I don’t do this if I REALLY want something – just when at the end of the day, I don’t care about the decision (or herb used) for more than two minutes.

    Don’t make this a hill to die on.

  3. This is bizarre to me, from a legal standpoint alone you're responsible. You're a good friend for taking care of it asap.

  4. She's bad news bro. The fact that youre younger and paying her bills is a red flag in itself. Not to mention the cheating. I would run.

  5. You need help. Like professional help. This is so twisted, and the fact that you didn’t see it as manipulative and, frankly, fucking creepy, is telling. Your moral center is off, and you need to address that asap.

  6. I did not think of this! There is only 1 so idk how much luck I’ll get but I will definitely be getting onto that on Monday morning ?


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