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  1. ?? All of my friends are girls and I prioritize my female friendships over any relationships. Because I've been bullied doesn't mean I hate my entire gender for it.

  2. In which passage are you referring?

    And I agree that we should take what every human being says with a grain of salt. He was a sage, not an omniscient being. He had an awakening and did his best to articulate that within the culture and language available to him at the time.

    His teachings were absolutely radical though. We also have no way to prove which words were actually his and which were inserted by other. Not to mention the massive language barrier.

    I always got a kick out of relatives that would cling to the King James version of the bible as the TRUE word of G-d. Like I'd be hot pressed to find a worse language to relate to ancient Aramaic than Shakespearean English LuL.

  3. If you told him that and he doesn’t except it, there’s no way you can “get him” to. His apology wouldn’t be sincere. Sounds like he’s just kinda a dick ?

  4. He gave it to you? He wanted you to read it and he wanted you to blow up on him like his ex would have. You're reaction is boring to him and that's why he's distant now.

  5. Oh, I feel you. Thank you so much for your input!

    I do like him. I dont usually obssess or doubt my or my partners feelings. Its usually only this topic (getting intimate in any way before being official) i feel contradictory things about.

    Youre right. I actually like him more after kissing him.

  6. Yes, it can get very very bad. I delayed going back to work and STILL had a breakdown because I wasn’t getting enough support. I didn’t end up hospitalized, but I got very very close and did need some serious psychiatric care.

    Talk through this issue with your medical providers. If they provide documentation that you’d be endangering your health by returning to work full time, perhaps your family will take that more seriously.

    And looking into part time options you can do from home sounds like a great compromise. I’d also talk to your husband about distribution of labor — ex if you go back to work 10 hours a week, then you need him to do 5 hours of housework a week. Could break that down into discrete tasks, like cleaning the bathrooms and making dinner x3 nights.

  7. Exactly. The more I think about the more red flags I’m seeing. I do want some actual answers so I’ve decided to go ahead as planned with dinner. Her flirting with people on-line doesn’t bother me and it’s not something I’d be suspicious of in any other circumstance. We’re both fine if we flirt outside the relationship. We just have boundaries beyond that. It’s not something that I’d even give a second thought to and the messages were pretty cut and clear. Nothing that would indicate any kind of emotional attachments. But we’ve always been open and honest about everything. So the fact that she would even need to hide what’s going on with her coworker is weird.

  8. Well I guess this depends on how badly you want to sleep with her one more time. If you do it, she may embark on a new career.

  9. You don't have to see them again. Just leave before he gets home and tell him that you need more mature BF and more mature friends. He was disrespectful, didn't have your back, cared more about what his friends thought. So what that it was just a joke for them? It wasn't a joke for you and they will continue to be like this so why bother hanging with them?

    Besides, he's almost 30, it's pathetic.

  10. That’s theft. Dealbreaker for me, I don’t know how you run your relationships. Totally broken trust.

  11. She s either looking for someone else or doesn t respect you enough to see that this is inapropriate in a RS. Deal breaker for me, don t let this kind of stuff slide.

  12. This. This man sounds like a huge AH. He puts you down he made u feel bad about yourself to make himself feel better. U want to manage a whole adult man's feelings? Are u his mother?

    Why so u want to be with him OP?

  13. I’ve been married for 15 years and if my marriage was like this, we would have been divorced.


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