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8 thoughts on “Choushi online sex chats for YOU!

  1. Can we even call it a “crush”? Crush is supposed to be innocent. This is some kind weird creepy attraction.

  2. If you say you’re already drifting to a point where you’re not talking much anymore, you have nothing to lose by confessing your feelings. He could say he’s not interested and you’ll stop talking like you were going to anyway. OR he might take you up on it. Give it a shot! Tell him how you feel.

  3. In your shoes I would break up. But I am not interested in being in a polyamorous relationship, long distance or not.

    It doesn’t feel good, nor is it what you want to do, but if for me it would be the right move and save me heartbreak in the end.

  4. What can I do? I always try to bring up her self esteem. There is no reason for her to feel this way. She is amazing and I'm always telling her that and showing her how beautiful I think she is.

  5. Copium doesn’t work with me, oxytocin is the bonding agent released by women during orgasm and childbirth to force a bond with the partner/child, therefore multiple partners reduces the effects of it and she will never bond with her husband because she has already bonded with another- don’t be a science denier.


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