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  1. Half a mile is like a ten-minute walk; her bringing it to you would have taken just as long once she put on coat and shoes, found the jack, left the house, and drove over to you. I understand it can occasionally be inconvenient not to be able to reach someone but you're not describing emergencies where you really need to reach her, you're describing minor annoyances that you can easily solve yourself. Instead of trying to break through her phone settings, it might help for you to plan for relying on your own resources. You haven't described a single situation that couldn't be resolved without her help.

  2. Very good point. I don't think I've asked him this but given what we've recently gone thru I'm pretty sure he'd say it's bc she's not a threat by any means. He might say that the feelings of jealousy are irrational and he would never cheat on me so he finds it nude to understand how I can still feel uncomfortable. Like if I know he won't do anything, why do I still feel insecure? Btw they've never been together in person, it was all on-line. I also want to add that the fight I keep mentioning was about him asking if he could fap to his exes social media which would include her. The thing is he put a lot of restrictions on himself when we started dating and now he wants to change that. Supposedly it ended in my favor, but now that I think about it, I may have to talk to him again. I'm so frustrated.

  3. Agreed. She is unsafe and will likely continue to be sexually abusive.

    It is up to you whether you want to say anything to her. It’s possible that she may be apologetic. But in my experience when someone doesn’t care about your sexual boundaries enough to assault you, there probably isn’t going to be any meaningful acknowledgment or closure with that person. I am so very sorry you have experienced this.

  4. Yeah he sounds like an asshole to be honest. I’m sure he has redeeming qualities or OP wouldn’t bother.

    I’m gay and I like giving head and I always ask NSA hookups if it’s okay to cum in their mouth bc not everyone is into it.

    Yeah lots of red flags.

  5. but your happiness shouldn’t come second constantly. and it’s not wrong for you to want more, hence you should leave and find someone who reciprocates your energy.


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