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  1. I'm not sure if scrolling through social media is a sign of depression on it's own. But people do get drawn to a lot of low energy, mindless activities like watching tv.

    You want to keep an eye out for sudden changes to their health and hygiene habits. They stop showering regularly or brushing their teeth. They stop eating or start eating way more. They start drinking way more or using other substances. They stop leaving their home. They stop cleaning their home.

    Side note, if this is a pattern and he's on social media, maybe this is triggered by a past event? Maybe someone died, maybe someone left him, something bad may of happened and social media is causing him to reminisce.

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  3. It's definitely your anger talking. Your wife was open and honest with you about something out of her control that she wanted to handle as a team. Don't use it as a reason to go and hate fuck someone else, you will never forgive yourself and your marriage will never recover.

    Stick with counselling and end this open season, do what we want arrangement. She chose YOU.

  4. Thank you, I really appreciate your advice and I’m really grateful that you spend some time trying to help me.

    I will try that out 🙂

  5. Yup. Do whatever you want (nothing self-destructive ofc) and just don't let your mind wander back to her. If you have good friends, make sure to hang out with them more, else make some genuine connections that don't necessarily go towards the romantic stuff (it's probably going to be difficult to get there anyway for now, so don't try too naked.) Just make sure you are moving forward and away from her grip psychologically.

  6. This man is responsible enough to tell you he knows for a fact he isn’t ready and it’ll be a massive strain him your relationship and it’s better to wait until MARRIAGE to have a child and everyone is saying he’s lying and trying to manipulate you or abandon you and he isn’t.

    This is why so many people have to come to this sub for advice. A Man being 100% honest and genuinely upfront with his thought is being labeled as a bad thing and people are twisting his character trying to paint him in the absolute worst light.

    It’s your body and your choice but he also should have his opinion matter as well. He straight up let you know he is likely going to distance himself because he isn’t ready to be a father likely because of various reasons finances is probably one of the highest.

    If you go through with the pregnancy be ready for him to be absent for a period of Time until he’s ready. He let you know that out the gate.

    It’s significantly smarter to Marry before you Carry for a list of reasons in my opinion and one is you’ll be in a better financial situation

  7. Her “perfect picture” was destroyed. She doesn’t want the blended family/ex/step kid drama. Take her up on lawyer offer before she changes her mind. They will require a retainer which she can pay up front and can’t rescind. Regardless of how things turn out you’ll need the lawyer.

  8. It’s very rare that a couple will work the same amount of hours, make the same salary, etc.

    But there are ways to balance this out as a couple. I have a feeling some people won’t agree with me here and that’s okay lol. This is my opinion though…Given that he has more free time than you, I think it should be expected that he take care of more of the household chores, cook more often than you, etc. in that extra time. By pulling his weight in other areas, it’s less likely that resentment will build.


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