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SLOPPY BLOWJOB!! / My toy is ON [Multi Goal]

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  1. Relax! She might have had problems falling asleep. I only managed to fall asleep after 5AM this morning, and it's just eight hours ago. I would have still slept hadn't my dog woken me up three hours ago.

    Or maybe she's ghosting you. Or her phone died during the night, so nothing woke her up this morning, and she really needs some extra sleep.

    Or any number of reasons! If it continues until tomorrow, THEN you can start wondering about her ghosting you. Relax, and don't over-analyze.

  2. Ugh. He can't stop you from breaking up. You break up with him and block him. Once you've broken up with him message his friends and family and tell them you're broken up and would like for them to keep an eye on him because he isn't accepting its over. And you never ever unblock him again. You have the control, stop letting him shut you down. He can't stop you unless you let him.

  3. Even if she hasn't technically cheated, she is being very disrespectful towards you and your relationship. I wouldn't want to be in a committed relationship with someone who treated me that way.

  4. It will be naked. And then it will get better.

    I miss my ex and the cat we had together. But we weren’t happy. And I’m finally starting a build a life I can be happy in.

    Don’t make decisions out of fear. That will lead you down the wrong path.

    Change often requires pain. That’s the price we pay.

    I hope it all works out for you. You do deserve to be happy.

    And if anything you will have the space in your life to give another cat a home that doesn’t have one.

  5. I'm a terrible texter too. But I try to respond to my girlfriend within a few hours. Two days is way too long.


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