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  1. Dude. I’m with you. Young love is so ideal and new and mushy. The reality is this may be be the first real issue they have to face together as adults. Not just any adults but as newly maturing adults. I am almost on the BFs side and I think he might’ve managed the situation with a greater level of maturity and understanding. OP is still in the dreamy stage of love, which is not a negative. It’s a lovely world to inhabit and one I remember fondly before it crashed.

    The young and immature ask and give the blow-by-blow of the body count to their partner as if they are the priest and themselves the confesor.

    The mature and wise state I have a past and I know you have one too. If you have any questions about mine, I will answer them truthfully to your satisfaction. Then, we close the door on both of our pasts because I hope what we both want is to stay in the present and look to the future.

  2. Dump your friends too. Driving drunk is inexcusable. I have at least two friends who have lost loved ones to drunk driving that I’d be happy to put anybody that disagrees in touch with. Good for you for having integrity

  3. Its very plausible. Most people on the medium-high end of the spectrum have no diagnosis, and social behaviours are nude to learn.


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