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6 thoughts on “Cristalsmith live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. I think your impulse is kind here, but I don't think everyone has a fetish. Most people probably have preferences to some degree or another, but a true fetish is more than that.

    I'm not suggesting that OP needs to dump her husband if he has a fetish. But it's okay for her to be in her feelings about it. I don't think any of us want to be reduced to a single attribute, and that's probably even more the case when that attribute is one that is both highly visible and can be stigmatized.

  2. If someone is 18 they're still in similar stages of their life compared to a 15 year old though right?

    I disagree. At 18 you have a ton more freedom, more responsibility (chances are you have a part time job at this age) and 3 more years of experience and development at an age where a year feels like a lifetime.

  3. You're enabling his behavior. He promised not to send YOU another message but he's still going to cross boundaries with other people because you're allowing him to.

  4. Not to mention that extreme swelling of the face and feet sounds like it could be preeclampsia which is extremely serious.

    Pregnancy can be life-threatening. It changes your entire body. Every pregnancy is unique and women need support when it’s a naked pregnancy. Not judgment and mistreatment.

    This guy is the actual worst.

  5. Wow. You’re really going to dwindle this down to a microscopic level to dance around admitting you’re defending him. Moving the target however you see it benefits you. Just quit now, dude.


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