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Model from: us

Languages: en

Birth Date: 1979-06-29

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorBlonde

Eyes color: eyeColorBlue

Subculture: subcultureHousewives

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  1. Others will certainly disagree, but the pattern of eating a lot and then not eating very much isn’t inherently unhealthy. It’s assuredly a pretty natural pattern for humans, historically-wise.

    But when this is amplified it can definitely become unhealthy.

    You’re painting a picture that he hates the way he looks. I hazard a guess though that he doesn’t actually act this way all the time.

    So it sounds like a bit of an immature inconsistency and awareness of himself and all his pieces.

    But, this is just what my imagination is giving me. I feel like actually seeing the guy, I would get so much more information.

    Just writing for fun, don’t have any actual help.

    But I think you’re most likely telling him that you like the way he looks, and that does get through to him.

    Often someone in his position has nothing to worry about long-term, but it does happen that they work themselves into anorexia and things like that. So, I would just make it very clear, and he’ll have that in his mind for the long-term. ?‍♂️ again I just don’t really know what exactly his behaviors are like and everything

  2. I had to go back and check your age because this sounds like a 16 year old wrote it.

    You sat in a car for 5 hours!? You didn't tell him to f off after he put your life in danger? You believed him about his drs statement?

    I mean come on nothing we say is going to make you wtfu.

  3. I’m with my GF but I still follow a couple of old tinder dates I had in the past.

    The difference is that most are not living in our town (or even country) and we kept talking on a friendly demeanor after the dates.

    For me personally, it would be weird to unfollow and ghost them, since I know that I’m not doing anything wrong.


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