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7 thoughts on “Curvy-woman01 live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. No person goes in a committed relationship goes out a couple of times a week. Even if you met him that wouldn’t change anything. Red flags all over this, opposite sex friendship, “new “ friends, going out…

    Just randomly rock up where they go out…

  2. Don’t expect them to be nice their job is to to check you. My therapist stops me dead from time to time to say nah bud you’re nuts that’s wrong. He isn’t being mean he’s doing his job.

    My ex abandoned therapist after therapist because of some perceived slight or lack of “connection” she found one eventually just agreed with everything she said and she basically went insane afterwards. You’re paying them for their expertise not to be your friend.

    Check into telehealth if you’re having issues finding a time that works etc. my therapist legit moved to another state mid pandemic but I’ve been able to stick with him thanks to video calls. Don’t get trapped with a crap therapist certainly but also don’t take them challenging you as an issue that’s their job.

    Also make sure you’re honest with them my ex gaslit her therapist non-stop and it made therapy a negative interaction rather than a positive one.

    Sorry I’m dumping all this on you I really do hope it helps

  3. I was going to go with the “devil's advocate” approach but seeing you say this is showing recent details? Well there's no real excuse for this – it's clear he's still active on the platform.

    Folks aren't on Tinder, last I checked, for a casual chat and meeting over Coffee to discuss the wider implications of Peanut Farming in outer Mongolia, or the state of global Fish levels after years of abuse (or other, thrilling and positive subjects).

    “What do I say to him” you ask?

    You don't need to say more than “we're over” with a screenshot of his Tinder profile, showing the latest updates he's made to the page.

    You don't need to communicate or speak beyond telling him where any (if any) of his stuff is if you've still got it and a realistic timescale for him to arrange for it to get back to him.

    Then, then OP, you go get yourself tested for STDs and move on with your life – thoughts not withstanding for Peanuts, Mongolia and/or Fish.

    Find someone who respects you, appreciates, wants and loves you and, more importantly, only you.

  4. If you respond she could accuse him of using a third party to violate the restraining order. If anything he should tell his lawyer, and maybe his probation officer, that she attempted to contact him.


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