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Model from: de

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Birth Date: 1997-08-09

Body Type: bodyTypeCurvy

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Subculture: subcultureGamers

11 thoughts on “Curvy_Jessilive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I would say u can't change the past so if this happened before she met u then I don't really see it as a problem but I would want to know that this “game” is over and I'm not a part of it for sure. I feel it is more or less ur insecurities cuz I mean u don't know enough of the story to make the jump in conclusion of she slept with the dudes for their hoodies or even dated them. She could've bought them or something and lied to try to win in this “game” she was playing. U both are still so young so there's time to grow and move on from situations, if this hoodie collection is a deal breaker for u then walk away cuz ur feelings are important and ur allowed to have standards. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but if u stick around make sure to talk to her and communicate more of why u feel uncomfortable about it and if it is ur insecurities just be honest about how it makes u feel like ur hoodie is less special to give to her. At the end of the day ur the only one who can make urself get past it emotionally and she can help by getting rid of them cuz I'm sure she has other jackets and hoodies that are not men's clothing. Compromise and communication is the best advice I can give or walk away. Good luck friend.

  2. Except with the train example, we have an event we have tickets to this month so if we chose the train k we the coach the likelihood is we’d miss the event be as use the trains won’t be running

  3. You have to let him go. You have been fair and upfront with your views and beliefs. He might have initially thought he doesn't want kids but might have changed his mid seeing his friends families and/or after having a talk with them. The fair thing would be end it on good not and go each other's way.

  4. Nah, this isn’t fixable. You told a good man he wasn’t good enough and you’d rather party and fuck around than be a family. That’s about as big a fuck you as one can give. He is absolutely justified in his feelings.

  5. No, this is an absurd take. Driving a wedge in any relationship does not take priority over the health and safety of the human life I'm responsible for. That sounds like I need to reevaluate the foundation of my marriage, not take an unnecessary risk with my newborn baby's health. They can't make decisions for themselves so it's up to the adults to make the best decisions for them.

  6. This trip isn't about your bf if just 7 months, it's about your grandma. Go as soon as possible and tell your bf he can come next time. Then be sure he goes next time and meets your family then.

  7. There was a bathroom 10 feet away. He could have run to it and peed in the toilet. The fact that he didn’t try to stop himself, didn’t move or attempt anything shows me that this wasn’t an accident. He didn’t even acknowledge that it was an accident, then maybe you would have merit.

    Just because you want to find excuses, OPs bf didn’t even use those words. That’s why we all believe it’s that and only you seem to find plausible explanations otherwise.

  8. Yeah this part of the whole situation irks me the most, that she’s done it in the past so she could have casual sex etc but she doesn’t seem to be bothered about doing it with me.

  9. It's okay to miss the parts of former relationships sometimes; it doesn't mean that the relationship that you have right now isn't fulfilling or that you want or need that thing that you're missing.

    I sometimes miss my ex cooking for me (and their cooking in general). I sometimes miss my ex's dog.

    Contrary to a lot of what you see on the internet, bisexual people do not need to have multiple relationships with men and women at once in order to be fulfilled. Bisexuality and polyamory are two totally different things.

    Your partner is telling you that they love you and they love your relationship and are happy. Believe them.


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