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  1. No it just shows how insecure your husband is. Which is fine, if you're fine with that. But having boundaries around what clothing you can wear is either controlling or from a place of insecurity and it is not related to how much he cares for you. Nope

  2. Maybe send out a group text including some of the following: “So, fam, it's been a crazy year but in the interest of letting the holidays be a restful respite I hope we're all looking forward to some time together to maybe reminisce about childhood and exchange gifts. Here's to making new memories and rejecting the more recent events that could have damaged our relationships. I know we're all better than letting our respective opinions on things ruin what's supposed to be an opportunity to love each other. Can't wait to see you all”.

    Your siblings have displayed grotesque judgement, although your brother maybe could be forgiven if he's actually in therapy and working on the trauma he likely blames for betraying his family. It's not clear whether your sister is a garbage person or just suffered a one time lapse of decency. At any rate, your mother (and father if you've got one) aren't going to online forever and if this Christmas you're allowed to meet in person you adult kids should all try to make it nice for your parent(s). Aside from what your siblings have done you've all been through a few years of crap and isolation so do try to make the most of whatever time you're able to get together. If you want to go back to hating them after NYE that's fine. Good luck.

  3. Thank you for replying! It’d be lovely if you could point out what immaturity you found in my thread cuz I have no idea haha.

    I’m more of a big city gal and not sure if I’ll stay in the U.S. most of my life. He is a more suburban dude and but okay with trying it out at a big city just not permanently. And he’s def staying in the U.S. and not going anywhere

  4. A friend had a wonderful relationship for 6 more years where this was an issue. They choose to continue the relationship until she decided she was ready to start a family and then broke up. Who is to decide it’s stupid to continue? She had a blast with someone she loved even knowing eventually it would end.

    Nothing has to be immediate as long as expectations on both sides are set for the future.

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  6. The only weight you need to be concerned with losing is the deadweight bf.

    Take your meds. Trust me, going cold turkey can be horrific.

  7. No, pixels will not give notifications for apps you don't have. That said, I'm sure he's deleted it by now. Check the play store to see when it was last downloaded/used

  8. He doesn't have depression or if he does, he's really good at hiding it. I honestly think he developed a little crush on his coworker. We talked about this, and he denied and it and was seemingly telling the truth. But I'm not convinced. We've talked about what each of us need to do to revive the relationship or feel normal again and I'm doing my part but I can feel him still pulling away.


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