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10 thoughts on “cutysalonilive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. If she's taken, why is she putting a for sale sign up? Don't listen to those critical of this as insecurity. You're invested in your relationships success. Her putting a for sale sign out to interested men isn't contributing to that. Set your boundaries and stand strong by them.

  2. Have a conversation with his mom about what your concerns are, and how his being out may change things. If you are close enough with her to discuss him- and you all value the relationship you child has with grandma- then work together to keep that relationship. If there is not a custody agreement- you'll want to have that in place before he's out.

    But talk to grandma. She sounds like a good person, and will hopefully be able to keep in mind that the needs of your child are what comes first.

  3. 24 is a funny age where some people care as mature as can be, some are just overgrown children. Your fiancé is a spoilt child who seems to think the world can just be handed to them on a plate whilst they do their nails. A relationship is a team effort, to which people can contribute in a variety of ways. However, your fiancé doesn't want to contribute in any way, and if that changes, she'll be off.

    She is not a keeper. Throw this one back, fish again.

  4. Lol so it really was because he's an uggo. Hopefully you at least verify these details in the future before flying to meet someone for the first time.

  5. That’s basically my problem

    I would have more money and fewer chores if I was single. I don’t think a relationship should feel like that so I want to find a solution

    Agreed. He's dragging you down more than he's building you up.

    Is he at least striving to better his career? Is this hard work going to pay off one day? Or are you staring down the barrel of a relationship with someone who is always too tired to pull their weight around the house who is also not pulling their weight financially, all while you online in a rural area without a car.

    I'd have bounced by now, but then again I wouldn't have bought a house with someone else.

  6. Take the job. It's been a month. He's into you but not into you enough to try long distance. Don't put your life on hold for someone who doesn't think you're worth the effort.

  7. It’s also for people concerned about someone. What if you’re wrong & it isn’t blackmail or escalates. OP said they were scared. If so, they can use the Hotline number too.

  8. If it's a matter of having both names and legacies, hyphenate. Her argument that he isn't doing anything is ridiculous. Half of the DNA is his. He's supporting her financially and emotionally. Once the baby is born, I'm sure she will demand and expect him to pull his weight, helping to take care of the baby.

    Equality and legacy should reflect both parents. Once the baby leaves her body, it's not all on her. It's 9 months of nurturing versus what they will both have to do for 18+ years.


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