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  1. “They are hoping to use their relationship with you and your wife to show others that there is nothing big about what they have done because see, you and your wife are friendly and still friends with them.”

    Absolutely nailed it. Before OP knows it, they'll be gradually liking more and more facebook posts and all that insidious shit, just to virtue signal how they did nothing wrong.

  2. People who date their high school students think like that. He wanted some “fresh” eggs. You were groomed but the good thing is you have matured since then even though you went through an ordeal. Try to be independent, it’s vital. He is not a healthy person.

  3. I mean I’m 27 almost 28 which makes people I went to hs with up to 32ish and Snapchat came out when I was in highschool, and I’ve used it since then and still do so I wouldn’t be surprised or find it crazy if 30-somethings use it.

  4. I wouldnt request it if i tried already multiple times, i would move on, and if you want a romantic partner and he is the opposite of it, then you probably are not a match.

  5. and tell her that if she doesn't want to stop meeting/flirting with other guys, then I don't want to continue talking to or being with her.

    you can see how that goes but it sounds like you already suggested that, except you called it a casual relationship(?). Nothing sounds casual about what you want her to do..It also sounds like she already told you the answer. You can try again though.

    Why cut it off? You can date multiple people. Maybe you should date multiple people, while she is dating multiple people and see if that decreases your jealousy..who knows, you might find someone on your roster you like more or you may discover that you like having a roster in the first place.


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