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Model from: it

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Birth Date: 1990-11-16

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

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Subculture: subcultureRomantic

9 thoughts on “DaisyVibeslive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Your boyfriend is not just trying to coerce you into having painful, unwanted sex … He's also too fucking stupid to realize that typically, you can still have sex AFTER a woman has an orgasm, because we can have more than one. Also too stupid to realize that it's possible for more than one person to orgasm during sex, and it's not a race to see who steals the only orgasm from the other! And he's flat out mean and childish enough to BE that stupid, AND still want to be the only one allowed to orgasm every time you have sex, and blame you and be nasty to you for it.

    Do you want to stay with someone like this?

  2. I agree entirely if there’s pain that it needs to be addressed be it man or woman… issue here is she states herself that she felt minor pain and quickly got him off her. Nowhere does she say she communicated any of what was happening to him so all he can go off of is her body language which is she came then pushed him off immediately after which is why he said I haven’t came yet and got upset and feeling like she “just threw him off her” then proceeded to get emotional and teary.

    Honestly put yourself in his shoes, you’re having an intimate time with your partner, he climaxes, then just throws you off to the side…. How would that make you feel??

    I highly doubt it was all instantaneous and even if it was, seems to be a relatively normal reaction to feeling used and discarded or are all the other posts that woman write about this exact situation mean they were also overreacting??

  3. I only got a third through this post and wondered why you were posting it.

    Sounds like it's more than his lack of motivation. More like he drains the energy from you and you've outgrown the relationship

  4. I would either call his bluff and tell him “Ok go for it! Go be with them then” or start telling him when you find men attractive and if he starts to complain tell him..”Now you know how it feels when you tell me you find other women attractive. I will stop when you stop”. I think he is either worried that you will leave him, so he is trying to point out that he thinks all these other women that are attractive to make you jealous or he is a jerk.

  5. He’s been pretty honest about his stance here. You and you alone have made the decision to keep a baby that you cannot provide for, with no support network. Tbh I think you’re really irresponsible- enjoy scraping by for the next 18 years.

  6. I went through a similarly bad tear with my youngest, who is turning 15 this year. It took a while to heal, and I had to relearn how things worked, but it did eventually get back to normal and I haven’t had any long-term sexual problems. Things were pretty settled within six months to a year and steadily improved going forward.

  7. Have you ever heard of actually reading a question and answering what is being asked? You're calling me crazy yet you can't even answer a simple question. Without badmouthing me which just shows that you're a judgemental ass*hole. Because everything that you are saying is what YOU think. So really who are you to judge me?

  8. Only contact him if you have the intention to apologise and only apologise, what you did to him is evil, so he probably won't want to hear from you ever again, lots of trauma/heartbreak/ unpleasant memories.


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