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  1. “I want a hundred children because then I would have a hundred friends and no one can say no to being my friend”

  2. Unlike a lot of the people here, I'm not a piercing expert; follow their advice. My partner (who knows a bit more about piercings) has explained some of it to me & their worries sound valid.

    As for your boyfriend, he sounds like an immature douchebag. I know for a fact my partner's best friend gets pictures of her whenever she buys new clothing (spicy or not) & it's more of a “Hey look what I got, don't this look hella good?” then anything else.

    Are you bisexual? If so make sure he knows you don't intend on cheating, people often have this weird thought that all bisexuals/pansexuals sleep around with anyone that they can get their hands on. Pansexual here, I literally wouldn't sleep with anyone but my lovely girl; I couldn't imagine anyone I click better with and that itself is what makes me drop to my knees for her .. one day it'll be down on one knee with a lovely looking ring.

    To stop myself from writing a whole book; TL;DR:

    He's worried you cheated, maybe he's been cheated on before? Ensure you've told him nothing happened & then you've done all you could; if he still refuses to talk to you that's going to be an issue he has to work out.

  3. Not with the women if you know you’re going to not let them know that you’re in a present relationship, maintain the boundary of not complaining to them about your relationship, and prevent over dependence on the friendship coming back, don’t catch yourself Doug. Anything you wouldn’t want to catch your gf doing…

  4. I personally would love to know if there's anything that I can do to change so that I'm no longer making them feel this way, but I don't believe they owe it to me to tell me. That's up for them to decide as their own human being.

    Also, we have talked about personal history and such that I personally believe goes beyond acquaintances, but I do understand that they might hold me as close of a friend as I do them.

  5. Shit this is the opposite to my situation. Been with this girl for a while now she used to be a fast text her and now she’s not now she says she’s busy and she text back hours later or sometime in the next day and completely ignores. any question that I’ve asked her during the day.

  6. I can hear it now, when you break up with him…”See? This is why I don't date women over 30! They have too much confidence and self-respect for me.”

  7. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    It never makes me regret anything per sé and I don’t lose attraction for my husband when I meet someone who is more my type.

    I think what you are dealing with is really common and not at all bad news.

  8. She has an ongoing bet with fate! Can't explain it otherwise.

    “If I get pregnant, I keep it. If not, that's ok also.”

    It's like flipping coins. Slightly off putting

  9. I’m appalled that the shithead threatened you with physical violence during a crisis. You deserve better. For starters, somebody that will prioritize you over things.

  10. And they wonder why most of these guys in the age gap be acting weird! It’s like hello…..there’s usually a reason they go for younger women! ?️??

  11. He lacks empathy. The task is more important than the person or life behind it.

    It sounds exhausting.

    Other than saying no to him more frequently. No more general promises. You options are limited beyond the exiting ones. It doesn’t solve your problems but shifts then.


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