Dakota Blare online sex chats for YOU!

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8 thoughts on “Dakota Blare online sex chats for YOU!

  1. She's not your friend. Dump her. She wants your “hot” boyfriend, and wanted to show him what he's missing by being with you.

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  3. If this was at all a real situation I'd point out the obvious answer that you should leave her. But the more obvious assessment is this is completely fictional.

  4. He asked you if you wanted to go. You didn’t say yes. I hate when people expect other people to be kind mind-readers. Stop playing games and say what you want.

  5. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Like many people have said, “til death do us part,” but it never hurts to explore your options with a lawyer and a therapist. Pretty sure he will make it in to a sob story if you divorce him though. Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no winning for you in this situation.

    Get a job though. Anywhere, even part time retail or Starbucks(I’ve done both and SBUX was my favorite job ever). Once you get the ball rolling on that, you’ll be able to gain some momentum for the next opportunity.

  6. You’re not a priority to him. It’s okay if he misses your birthday for work or other urgent stuff life happens. What is important is that he proactively makes it up to you with meaningful gestures to show that you are important. “Hey hun I’m so sorry I have to miss your bday because of _________ there is no way to avoid it. Im bummed but I want to make it up to you let’s do __________ on ____________. “ Those fill in the blanks should be something specific to you things you love. He should know those.

  7. “Had” being the operative word. You're married and have a baby. The fact that you still are either lying to yourself or you were raised by wolves and just clueless tells me she and that child are better off without you. I really hope you eventually see it bc that kid needs you need that kid


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