Dakota Blare

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12 thoughts on “Dakota Blare

  1. Read your comment, then read hers.

    What the hell are they both doing?

    I dunno why she wants him.

    And if he wants her, he should be patient and supportive.

    I'm eternally grateful to the people who supported me emotionally in challenging times. It's an act that lasts.

  2. I feel it's just a defense tactic on her part. She probably doesn't want the baby to be confused who the mommy is. But also, she also probably doesn't want you to be introducing random ladies here n there. I'm sure if you start dating someone for a few months and she's met her, she will feel much better in letting her involved. But also, she's probably hoping you and her will come back together too. So much speculation.

  3. Gee you in the showers at your bil home while he is in a towel? Wtf is wrong with your husband? Where could he ever get the idea of something so diabolical as to thinking you two are having sex? Silly man

  4. Your bf is obnoxious – being so intolerant one insists that anyone whose spiritual views don't align with theirs is “mentally ill and needs psychiatric help” is very narrow minded and judgemental. Kinda similar to those hardcore religious people who feel that anyone who didn't belong to their specific denomination is a sinner who must be converted or shunned, you know?

    People have different experiences and approaches to spirituality and religion, but in relationships being able to respect each other's values, convictions, experiences, views etc is paramount. He's very intolerant and judgemental and doesn't accept or respect any view but his own.

    I'd say you just aren't compatible.

  5. You’re basically saying she was trying to be helpful and just happened to insult and lash out at him because he wouldn’t accept her loving and gracious help.

    No. She created the conflict. She confronted him. It wasn’t a good faith attempt at help and OP has no obligation to accept her gracious/abusive help.

  6. I don't lack communication, op said he understood and then proceeded to give excuses as to why the friend cheated. That is excusing the cheating. You apparently need to learn to read between the lines.

  7. I have to agree. It all sounds weirdly tribal and petty. I have been around families like that and they are…. Yuck.

  8. Glad you aren’t married to her, bro. Cut off her access to your funds, cancel credit cards, etc. Get the story out before she can. You probably will want to consult with an attorney to talk about child custody and such.

  9. And every day I see “real woman” comments about cis and trans women. Does that mean you’re ignorant?

    You are so defensive and argumentative, my guy. All genders face judgement and critique from each other every day. As a woman, my experience has been witnessing more men being misogynistic to women; as a man, your experience seems to be different.

    So we’ll have to agree to disagree. Have a good day.


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