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  1. Are you sure you love them? how can you have similar mindsets but not the same values?

    I mean, we have our ups and downs but I know what our relationship is founded on, I know how we click. I can't say why I'm drawn to this kind of person but I clearly am.

    I don't know what I'd say if I were asked why I love my partner (I'd be pissed at the person asking because it's not any of their business!) but I know the love is there and I'm not sure that you do?

  2. It sounds like you are in a difficult situation and it can be hot to know what to do when you have strong feelings for two people. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is best for you and your relationships.

    It can be helpful to think about your values and priorities. What is most important to you when it comes to relationships? Are you looking for connection, emotional support, physical intimacy, or something else? What qualities do you need in a partner?

    It is also important to consider how your decision may affect your current relationship. If you decide to pursue a relationship with N, it is important to be honest and clear with your current partner about your feelings. It is likely to be difficult, but it is important to respect your current partner and be honest with them.

    Finally, it may be helpful to talk to someone you trust about your feelings and get their perspective. It can be helpful to talk to a friend, family member, or professional counselor to help you make the best decision for yourself.

  3. Just dump him for sure. I had a baby and my OB was a male. He had to touch and look at me a lot, especially when it came time to pull a person out of me. My husband was there and never made a single comment or seemed at all uncomfortable, because this man was a doctor and what he was doing was strictly clinical. In fact, my husband raved about what a great OB we had because he was really helpful and compassionate during my high risk pregnancy.

  4. First, I would encourage you to “find yourself” outside of the confines of your family, ethnicity, or hybrid culture. You're a person, and you have far more to offer than where your great grandfather hailed from. It feels as though your family's dysfunction has caused a lot of hurt and confusion in you. So that has to be addressed, independently from this relationship.

    Since none of this seems to be the fault of your partner, I would urge you to discuss what you wrote here with him, though, maybe tempering the language so as not to hurt his feelings. But he ought to know that you're battling these issues in your head, because if this relationship is to survive, you will need his support, patience and understanding while you figure all of this out.

    If nothing else, therapy is always helpful in these matters. You may be able to figure this whole matter out on your own, but it's very hot to see things clearly when you're that close to them, sometimes. So you need to decide whether this is an issue that you can reasonably solve on your own or not.

    In any case, remember that this is, primarily, your problem. And it would be very unkind to punish your partner for it, even unintentionally.

  5. Since everyone else is providing good relationship advice, I’m gonna drop some legal advice: report the car as stolen. As the owner, you’re responsible for the vehicle and what happens with it, even if you’re not driving. If she gets into an accident or hurts someone, and you haven’t reported the car as stolen despite knowing that she left in it, it will not be naked to argue that you allowed it. Report the car as stolen, unless you’re ok with the potential of a lot of insurance and other legal problems dropping on your head.

  6. Whoever makes more should contribute more. It's not fair at all to expect you to go 50/50 on everything. If “money isn't permanent anyway” then why can't he pay for it? This is not the way you treat someone you love and care about. Finances are extremely important and are a major factor in failed relationships, so if you don't nip this in the bud now it could create major problems down the road.

  7. It sounds very odd to me, sex doesn’t require all those conditions to be met. He’s just making up excuses.

    I’d try counseling and/or give him an ultimatum. He needs to satisfy your needs or you’re going to get them satisfied elsewhere.


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