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  1. Lol the only pettiness here is the wife who wants to keep her money for “her” children but he must share equally with all the children? How exactly is she being fair?

  2. Texting his whole family would also be stooping to an immature and childish level. He should have to tell the family what happened. Sending a long message like that is just going to make her look just as bad to the family and they didn’t do anything to deserve being brought directly into the drama.

  3. The only person who should have complete control over your child's academic decisions is your child, so there's that.

    This is weirdly controlling and honestly I'm intrigued to know what the frick is up with this guy, because his behaviour afterwards is also super strange. INFO: why didn't he propose to you? Are you sure this is what he wants or is he just going along with it?

  4. I wanna stay as anonymous as possible so I’ll just say I’m pursuing a degree in medicine. The $200,000 is both undergrad and my current program. I have no doubt I’ll be able to pay off my loans.


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