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6 thoughts on “DAPHNE on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. YWBTA if you cheated. You have options – leave, or find a solution with your girlfriend. If a solution can't be found for both of you, leave. Cheating is never the right answer.

  2. Not speaking to the whole situation but to answer your question, yes I believe $138 would be easy on cokes and sitting by the stage. The drinks are probably up charged to a ridiculous amount, a red bull cost me $12 at a local club, Id wager him and a friend could hit $50 on drinks and tipping the waitress. But that does leave $90ish he gave out, easy to do in a couple hours especially at the stage, I've seen people shell out $50 for a roll call alone. Lap dance would've been a bit expensive I think, for the budget if he paid for buddy.

  3. If you make roughly 5x the amount he does, then he should pay roughly 20% of the rent and expenses imo. Perhaps you can do $1,100 for rent + utilities. He likely will save a little bit more and you won't have to think about the outgoing expenses for WiFi, power, water, gas etc (whatever applies for your utilities). It will also help strengthen your relationship long term, having each person take on certain responsibilities within the household instead of just paying a flat fee like any regular tenant.


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