DEBBIE CROSS on-line sex chats for YOU!

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13 thoughts on “DEBBIE CROSS on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. I wouldn't want to be with a person who admits that she knows you didn't make her do something, and is still willing to blame you anyway.

    That isn't something that will stop over time. She went from gaslighting you, to admitting to that and saying it is still your fault. Not normal.

  2. It doesn’t even have to be bad. Sure let’s even say it’s great! My point is that I don’t have to partake in something to develop an opinion on it using common sense. Being a hypocrite is going to get backlash especially when you are willing to let religion drastically impact your life but completely ignore it in others. There is no logic there. I also have no idea why ur white knighting someone that obviously made a poor decision and chose to post it on the internet themselves asking for peoples opinions. No one who is commenting on this gives a fuck about the religion moron it’s about them being a hypocrite.

  3. Mother of sons here. I feel like every man should do this. It should absolutely be a standard practice. I’d have gladly submitted to a paternity test had my boys dad asked.

  4. This is from a law firm “If you or a loved one have HIV, it’s important to know that there are legal obligations that accompany this kind of diagnosis. It’s a little-known fact, but those who are HIV positive can be charged for attempted for murder if they engage in sex without telling their partner. “

  5. Thank you. I will figure it out. I just don't want to be manipulated anymore. I loved him at first but now I'm just afraid to leave him. I have very few friends here but I will make more and things will get better.

  6. It is time for your non-contributing boyfriend to get out of your house. He is trying to control you in your own home.

  7. It depends on what state she is from, but this is the easiest path considering a marriage less than a year.

    I agree.


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