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10 thoughts on “DemiMartins live sex cams for YOU!

  1. You don’t. Just walk away!

    Most people aren’t able to have a healthy and respectful conversation with topics like this. Save your peace of mind and just don’t engage.

  2. Yeh it can be dehumanising af. If u can, hold her hand, hug her and compliment her. Make her feel safe w u.

  3. Didn't you find it sus that you guys were getting friendly/close, but she failed to mention that she's married??

    Also, flirting at work is unprofessional.

  4. Since distance and your house rules are potentially an issue, could you meet her halfway? Invite her out to activities with the kids and such.

  5. He stole your money. You realise that right? He conned you and robbed you. He's making you a prisoner. You need to leave. However nude it may seem right now, it'll be MUCH harder after you have the baby. Don't wait.

  6. I mean, yeah. He is clearly a pathological liar and the scale and frequency of those lies is pretty frightening. On top of that his age, likely he has spent a very very long time building up this coping strategy, flawed as it is.

    Be aware it isn't just the lying. He will also gaslight you when you call out the lies. Heck, even when he did finally admit the lies he framed it in a way that makes it clear he does think he was in the right with it, or that if you ignore the lie aspect it was a positive thing to do. That he was doing you a favour.

    But that's the problem. It wasn't a lie that favoured you. Ordering online is what most people do these days and as you note you would not have batted and eye if you found out it was just a ring he selected normally. The lie is one that made him look good, like he put in effort or did something special. It was pumping him up, not you, and even when he had the chance to admit that he didn't.

    Meaning in my eyes he still isn't being straight with you. Heck, maybe he is not even aware of the reality himself, he is straight up delusional and believing his own lies. Regardless, the problem is still there.

  7. He isn’t the most adventurous type and that may indeed be a factor why things have gone stale… I’ll definitely propose doing that! Thank you so much for the advice, actually sparked the idea that introducing a new toy could help.

  8. This is true, although sometimes being immature and giving a lesson to someone who deserves it can be fun


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