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  1. OMG. And I'm guessing this asshole didn't stop when you said ow it hurts either. Just kept going and pretended to be sorry afterwards. Fuck him. Get your ducks in a row and get you and your daughter to a better situation.

  2. I absolutely see where you are coming from and I get it, it would concern me that she hasn't gotten a job since being laid off. And I would be concerned that if she's not being proactive about work she won't be proactive about her health or applying for disability when she needs it. I would talk to her about your concerns and go from there.

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  4. Therapy is good. I would not open the marriage on his end, you will most definitely be done at that point but I feel like you are already done to be honest.

  5. I wouldn’t pull any punches and let him know that you were hurt to a level that you honestly don’t know if you can be together anymore. He seems to realize that you don’t want an open relationship, he doesn’t seem to understand that him asking and explaining his want to try because of “potentially” getting bored (he decided he wanted to change his whole life based on a hypothetical?) has in many ways broken your marriage. being direct on how dire the situation actually is will help him understand that couples counseling may very well turn into co-parenting counseling and be mentally prepared for that.

    While going through this process I think it’s important that you don’t torpedo any potential reconciliation by allowing him a pass. I think this is born out of a place of extreme hurt, and you’re essentially wanting to give him the metaphorical loaded gun to kill your marriage, and waiting to see if he’ll pull the trigger. Don’t do this.

    Individual counseling will be good to work through your feelings and any direction this may go.

    There’s this pottery type in Japan called kintsugi, where they take broken pottery, and repair it with gold lacquer, i like to think it’s a great analogy to hurts in relationships, sometimes a hurt can be repaired and make the relationship stronger and more beautiful, sometimes it’s broken beyond repair, i think you owe it to yourself to figure out which this is.

  6. she’s choosing to be with him than to be with you, wake up and break up. the fact that he said that her being with you is bad and she agreed and said she needed some time, and the fact that she hangs out with him and ignores you, are indicators. she’s cheating, you deserve better.


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