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Birth Date: 2001-11-28

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  1. He cannot have his cake and eat it too. If he wouldn’t be okay with you getting another partner he’s a hypocrite. Time to get out

  2. Sorry but why would you keep putting your self trough this?

    ▪︎ you told him your boundaries, he ignores them and does things behind your back. ▪︎ you get upset about him not respect this boundaries, and he gets mad at you. ▪︎ his friends have pointed out that she is the couse of breakups with previous girlfriends, and still he doesn't see she is the issue , and says it's only rumors.

    He isn't going to change , are you sure they are sleeping together?

    What did he say/react to her sitting on his lap?

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  4. Omg. Okay. Here’s the thing about these meds. Some of them create weight gain that you simply cannot exercise or diet out of. A lot of us have had to make the calculation along the way, is our mental health more important than anything else? Often we go through every med out there and the only one that helps is the one that causes weight gain. In the end, we will come back to the thing that helps because nothing, NOTHING is worse than your own brain attacking you. Diet and exercise do NOT address med related weight gain and our cultures obsession with it does significant damage to people. Your reply is getting downvoted because it’s incorrect and damaging.

  5. her answers are so different in every comment I wanted to ask directly, in one comment she says he saved $10 and blows all of it and the next he has $150k-300k. In the original post she doesn’t even say she has x amount of money saved, just that she’d been saving for 5 years. the whole post is wild.

  6. No. How Eileen you feel is she says “if it wasn't me it eould have been someone rlse”? Reach out to a lawyer instead.


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