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Diana, 26 y.o.

Location: In your perverse fantasies.

Room subject: Hello, I, ‘m back! I missed you! ❤️ Charlotte114’s room

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  1. You would be shocked at the incompetence of people you run into in the tech industry. I have had to get on calls and explain how that a mobile app won't open on Microsoft Word… and these are people deemed 'tech people'.

    So, yes. 5-10% is a forgiving number.

    Anyways, I am not here to argue.

    You're entitled to your opinion, as I am to my own.

    I am here to help OP, not you.

  2. I wish I could make her see that removing her uniqueness and making her look like just another IG model isn’t going to help her love herself more. But the hunt for the superficial could very well damage her relationship.

  3. Yes I agree with you we seem to argue more then actually talking about the problems …I see your point and I could learn to be the bigger person and not react but even when I don't react he comes at not physical . I didn't think what I said was in the wrong, I was upset , I juts wanted him to understand that I will leave if we can't get it together all the arguing is stressful for me and I'm sure the same for him as well … he seems to think I will stay for anything and won't leave but that's not the case and he thinks if I leave it's casue I'm gonna be with someone else but that's not true either if rather be by myself and not hop into something I'm clearly not that great at as of right now


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