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  1. If that's what she thinks, then you can't control that, regardless of where that thinking is coming from. I don't think you should be approaching the situation as trying to get her to see your side, or come around to you, or something like that. It's more of a, how do I best protect myself in this situation? kind of question

  2. I would not break over someone giving my partner a lap dance but I would like them to apologize if they hurt my feelings and promise to not do it again.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. You deserve an explanation at least. I'll try to help, but I want to explain that I can relate in this way: I stopped speaking to my mother 12 years ago. Every year on her birthday I felt guilty for not calling her. Eventually that downgraded into only feeling awkward. Now, I'm surprised if I remember it at all.

    Our situations differ, though, so my advice might seem “generic.” Go out with friends or focus on something you want to do. Understand, however, that in those quiet moments your mind will wander and you're going to think about it. And that's okay. Feel those feelings. Process them. Acknowledge that it's okay to feel that way. Validate your emotions. Then pick yourself back up and get back to doing something else that occupies your mind.

    Good luck.

  4. Not abusive.. understand she thinks you made pasta knowing you put her eye test in jeopardy and is over reacting on other stuff.

    Personally I would never eat over someone’s medical needs.. or pick up a shift

  5. they agreed upon cutting off ex who are still around them.

    She lied about the nature of her relationship with said dude to keep him around

  6. This happened to me only I was the positive one.

    About a year into my relationship I got tested for the first time ever as part of getting setup with my new family doctor. No symptoms, nothing. Testes positive.

    Reached out to my girlfriend, ex girlfriend and the women I'd slept with in my intermediary hoe phase and none of them had it.

    Doctor was very clear it lies dormant in a lot of people and that those people are very unlikely to pass it along. My only recollection of symptoms was when I was about 8, right around when I was SA'd.

    I'd trust your girlfriend as the default if everything else feels normal.

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  8. You need to find some other female who likes you, rather than this unhealthy obsession. If you are not careful she will call HR so best not to even talk with her

  9. truth. I was still at university at age 20, long way from being an adult regardless of age. Can't even imagine being in a serious relationship and having a baby at 21, I was doing pizza and beer nights with my uni pals at that age.

  10. Why do you think he cheated, based on a gap of 4 months? My last gap between 2 relationships was 2 months and there wasn't any cheating.

    Also the length of the gap – I would not know it for my relationships I had before.

    So yes, I think you are overreacting.

  11. Then grow up and make a decision. You clearly aren't ready to be a parent and im not sure on her end but you can't REALLY think that the baby isn't going to change anything? This child is going to connect you two for the rest of your life. You're here flipping coins to see how you're going to raise a human being. Dude just leave her and let her find someone to commit to her the way she deserves, and provides a stable environment for the baby.

  12. This guy is possessive and controlling, trying to isolate you, it is a classic move that abusers use early in a relationship. His insecurities are HIS to work through, preferably with a therapist. The fact that he's trying using this “self employed” bullshit to get you away from other men so he can control you is really disturbing.

    I don't care if he got cheated on in the past. Again, that is HIS issue to work through, and he is punishing YOU for it. If he can't get over his insecurities and get his controlling behavior under control, then he's in no condition to be in a relationship with anyone.

    Do NOT marry this guy, at least until he's been in therapy for this for a year or so. Otherwise you're going to be back here posting, “I should have listened to all of you on Reddit when you told me not to marry my controlling boyfriend. My love for him blinded me to the truth and now I don't know how to get away from him.”

  13. It’s definitely fake. Looked through their account and they have a bunch of posts like this where the ages don’t match at all and everything is inconsistent.

  14. you know most people who care for their spouse are usually available a little bit of the time and don't make snide, guilt trippy remarks like “I'm only allowed to say I'm happy”

  15. rent prices will not allow me to just move out without plans for a last-minute roommate or pay extra to end a lease.

    So better to have a plan first. It won’t get easier after.

  16. If having a child doesn’t make her change, nothing will. Would you rather have her destroy herself, or your son?

  17. Of course she’s lying. She wanted something from you, didn’t get what she wanted so decided to hurt you in the worst possible way. Call out her bullshit and then block her.

  18. I absolutely agree that that's what I need to do, I'm just… I feel like I'm trying to move and I'm frozen 😮‍💨

  19. It could also be that he has an addiction and issues, and saw that as a way to save his relationship. I don’t think you have to move towards automatic negative thoughts. Those generally are caused by our own loved experiences, and not always very accurate. The very little she wrote about it isn’t enough to draw any meaningful conclusion in my mind.

  20. I get what you’re saying, but we aren’t in a situation where he is constantly initiating sex and I’m shutting him down. I just have no libido right now and we haven’t had sex in a few months, but he’s not actively initiating anything all the time either. I appreciate guys will watch porn, but saving a lot of random hot selfies seems so strange to me and made me feel quite shit – maybe I am just being dramatic


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