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  1. That is smart, I am doing that as well and I never went hungry as a child. Natural disasters can happen. We are snowed in, no chance to go out….happy to have food at home, I could last for 2 to 3 months if needed

  2. The JET programme places candidates in jobs. There are some costs associated with moving (money to get into a lease, furniture, etc.) but she would have a salary and her flights would be covered. I don’t know why OP is saying she would need to support the wife in Japan.

  3. Only she can fix it. If she wants to.

    Its sad that many have to loose everything before they see it. even worse when they never find out what they gave up.

  4. I would text him. Hey, can I day something! I treated you unfairly and I want to explain why. Would that be ok?

  5. Do you see, though, how that logic doesn't hold? He's messed up because of his awful parents, so when his son needed someone to care for him he gave him to those same awful parents? That's not doing his best, that's intentionally exposing his innocent child to the same trauma he went through. You can find a better guy, I don't see why you would want to stay with him.

  6. You have forced your way into his life.

    Not in a negative way. But he had no choice.

    If you hate him, and you hate kids – know that your boyfriend will always pick him, if he is a good man. Yes he should be disciplining him. Yes he should be helping him with his obvious attachment disorder and getting him some therapy. But – he isn't going to break it off with you.

    If you are going to leave. Do it now. Because the kid is testing you very hot and once you have him loving you, and leave – you prove his point. He doesn't think you are staying yet.


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