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  1. Nobody said she was infatuated. She loves his movies as she said and thinks he’s attractive but that only came out after the bf pushed her about it. I can say I love Morgan Freeman and by that I mean I love his voice and his acting. I don’t think he’s attractive but different strokes for different folks.She certainly didn’t say she was in love with him. In your example the person is a bit obsessed.

  2. Thanks i gotta hear that my morning is been dificult ill be there for her and ive left her to know that . She didnt block me or anything so i hope all will blow over

  3. You can't change her. Dont try

    Ignore the drunk texts. Do not answer drunk texts or calls. She doesn't like it too bad.

    When she is sober the only thing you say about it is to stop fucking texting you when she is drunk. She wants to kill herself with booze she should leave you out of it. She says something to the family about you being a bitch, share the texts

  4. Lot's of sad news stories about how abusive relationships end in the victim's death. Leaving increases her survival rate and happiness.

  5. Insert Sponge Bob meme ight imma head out. Do you really need advice, or should I send you over to the step mammies reddit.

  6. Read your other comments. Even if you're okay with this and only sell to friends? Imagine opening a restaurant to only serve people you know. He wont make a lot of money and he's doing this illegally. This is not smart and it's self explanatory that you had to ask reddit in the first place. Get out of there before it gets worse. You cant support this

  7. Your gf is overreacting. She sounds like she can't handle much. Soon, she'll be asking you to stop being friends with him.


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