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14 thoughts on “DirtyTinalive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I assume you don’t want to cut them off (for some reason) so maybe try bluntly redirecting the conversation.

    “I wasn’t talking about [x]. Do you want to hear what I have to say or not?”


    “I’m finding your interruptions rude and out of place. I’m trying to talk about [x] not [x]”


    “I’m not interested in having this conversation. I want to talk about [x]”

  2. It could be that he watches those videos because they turn him on due to being relatable to you. Like he could genuinely love you and find you very attractive, but normal pornography doesnt capture disabilities or much of the like at all, so he ventures to find videos similar to you because thats what turns him on.

    He may never have been interested in those videos before meeting you.

    I say this from my own perspective, when I look at porn, if Im in a relationship I prefer content thats similar to my partner and I's dynamic.

  3. We really cannot predict how your parents are going to handle this. If they are well mannered they will welcome him, avoid any controversial topics, refrain from prying into your relationship, and make things comfortable for everyone.

    Because you suspect that they will struggle with adults dating seriously without a marriage plan you may want to be ready to discuss your timeline and plans. Also, if they are the sort of people who fixate on their adult child's virginity you should probably portray the relationship as a very pure one. Again, if they are likely to focus on marriage and they don't have self control or good social training, they may ask about his career and earnings. It's not a bad idea to have him talk about his career proactively (sans salary talk) to help assure them of his financial fitness.

    I hope that helps!

    Bear in mind that there is a reason that you've hidden this boyfriend from your family for six years. Plan to keep the visit brief and have an easy out planned in case things go poorly.

  4. Sure….. But if one of those two people is in a committed relationship with someone else then its a BIG NO….. Hanging out with someone that you have an attraction to may lead to and emotional or physical relationship which is find if both people are single. But it is highly inappropriate to hang out with someone you are attracted to while married to someone else.

  5. Tell her that you’re interested, but you’d like to go out one on one a couple times first to see how you connect outside of work before meeting her daughter, just in case.

    It would be sad if her daughter adores you but you don’t feel a connection.

  6. Cancel it and reschedule a flight with many stops and send the witch on a trip back home.

    Get that divorce lawyer and make sure he is upper class, and she gets what she deserves (which is the bottom of the barrel)

  7. Only question with this “confession” is which co worker threatened to tell OP. He needs to tell her to spend the rest of her time away looking for a new home because she cant come back.

  8. talking shit in the streets is not “admirable” lol he asked her to stop, she isn't a hero

    Just because someone else lacks self control and respect doesn't automatically make it okay for everyone in the situation to do so…if someone shouts some bullshit at me in the road, I just carry on.

  9. NTA, if they are so supportive they can date her. Also she could of just said she had male genitals instead of putting your hand on it.

  10. I don’t think trying once a week is pushy, and from his description it sounds like his wife is interested too. You're right that 9 weeks isn't much time to heal from childbirth, but literally every comment is demonizing this guy for asking for an explanation about why it might be the way it is. I don't get it.

  11. You are wrong. My brother is a cop and he has been part of retrieving animals in similar circumstances at least a dozen times. OP just needs to prove ownership. A text chain where husband admits to having removed the cat without permission would be helpful but establishing ownership is the key factor.

  12. Sorry, I couldn't make it past the 8x cheating part. The first time she cheated was her fault, after that it's on you. You allow it so she'll continue to do it.


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